Brazil Global’s top posts of 2011

Thanks to our readers and contributors, we have grown in size and depth of discussion. A blog is hard work and we’d like to share our stats with you. Here are our top posts and pages of the year.

Title Views
Home page More stats 17,148
Sex Tourism in Brazil More stats 2,123
About us More stats 1,570
Shell + Cosan = Raizen More stats 817
About Brazil More stats 808
Please welcome: EBX International, the latest Brazilian multinational More stats 719
Brazil’s Infrastructure Challenges More stats 616
Research More stats 476
Being Brazilian cool: the Havaianas style More stats 470
Goldman Sachs’ Jim O’Neill in The Economist on BRIC Growth More stats 448
Louis Vuitton expands in Brazil More stats 446
The Best Business Schools in Sao Paulo More stats 419
The debate around Belo Monte dam in the Amazon More stats 389
Emerging market’s spending trends – the Credit Suisse consumer survey More stats 357
Deutsche Bank on Brazilian M&A activity More stats 350
Sources More stats 347
Brazilian banks mergers: BTG Pactual partners with SMBC and Itau buys stake in Carrefour Bank More stats 338
The US could double visits from Brazil and Chile. Do they want to? More stats 320
Banco do Brasil expands in the US and Africa More stats 314
The stock exchanges duel: Brazilian Bovespa versus New York Stock Exchange More stats 294
Brazilian fruit producers attend the Gulfood 2011 in Dubai More stats 274
Direct marketing awards in Brazil unveils best strategies More stats 272
Brazilian IPOs 2011: What investment bankers are forecasting More stats 267
Brazilian millionaires More stats 261
Newsweek: Americans should learn Portuguese More stats 246
Brazilian university ranked among the best business schools in the world More stats 245
Time to cool down? Is Brazilian economy overheated? More stats 241
Brazilian Tourists in the US More stats 239
Lula in Guinea Conakry to support Vale More stats 229
“Brazil, the rising star” on CBS 60 minutes show More stats 228
Eike Batista announces OGX listing in London as part of the internationalization plan of his companies More stats 227
The invention of tropical landscaping: Burle Marx More stats 214
Carrefour merging in Brazil? More stats 210
The New Global Challengers by BCG More stats 209
Latest data on labor market in Brazil. (Ask for a raise) More stats 207
Brazilian studios want to compete with Dreamworks and Pixar More stats 199
Brazilians pay record taxes in 2011 More stats 187
New Private equity record in Latin America. Time to invest? More stats 180
Brazil 2010 M&A hits new record More stats 177
Brazilian IT companies: open for business in Barcelona More stats 174
L’Oreal wants to double Brazilian sales in 4 years More stats 174
Prices in Rio have gone crazy More stats 161
Harvard professor and former president Cardoso debate in São Paulo More stats 159
Prospects for M&A in the BRIC countries More stats 158
Ernst & Young’ s “2010 Global Private Equity Watch”. Highlights and comments on the report More stats 138
Brazil and Guinea Conakry More stats 136
Science in Brazil: Are the Brazilians in Paris the real South Americans? More stats 135
German brewery will market drink with “caipirinha” taste More stats 135
More Quantitative Easing 2 Impact More stats 133
Profile Hildete Vodopives More stats 131
Lula’s Legacy More stats 131
First Reserve Corporation invests $ 500 million in Barra Energia, in Brazil More stats 124
Brazilian bakeries are hiring More stats 122
Rio de Janeiro as main travel destination for New Yorkers More stats 121
The “Petrobras hidden tax “ More stats 111
BRIC Wall More stats 110
Informal economy represents 18% of GDP in Brazil More stats 110
Fiat, Mitsubishi and GM announce investments in Brazil More stats 110
Private Equity 3i Group announces Brazilian office More stats 109
Brazilian law firms surge on M&A boom More stats 108
Is Brazil ready for the game? More stats 104
Complexo do Alemao, Rio de Janeiro, November 2010 fighting More stats 104
Brazilians discover art investment More stats 104
Brazil buying Brazil- some insights from the KPMG report More stats 103
The New Middle Class in Emerging Markets: Burgeoning Buergeoisie More stats 102
The Brazilian optimism, a unique feature! (Or: How a Frenchman fell for Brazil) More stats 102
Chinese cars, Brazilian market More stats 100
Google declares Brazilians World’s Best Soccer Fans More stats 99
Top 10 Startups in Brazil More stats 98
Hoping to do « Negócios da China » More stats 96
Generalizations about Brazilian attitudes towards money More stats 96
Flexible economic institutions More stats 95
Emerging Markets top Private Equity investment in 2010 More stats 94
Targeting Africa, Brazil launches business centre in Angola More stats 91
A foreign impression on Brazilian attitude about upfront fee More stats 90
Brazilian Sugar and Ethanol, at a glance More stats 90
Business at the BRIC Summit in China More stats 87
Meeting the blogger in Sao Paulo More stats 87
Trade and Commodity Conference in São Paulo More stats 87
THE book about Brazilian history More stats 85
New players on the game of medical technology in Brazil More stats 84
Corporate governance research shows growth of legal services in Brazil More stats 83
“Go east, young moneyman!” More stats 81
Brazil’s worst natural disaster ever More stats 81
Advisory More stats 81
Brazilian textile company acquires plant in the US More stats 80
India, a contrast with Brazil More stats 80
Brazilian’s luxury power More stats 80
Brazil in The Economist: BRICs v Facebook; Real 31% overvalued per Big Mac Index; Samba Hackers More stats 80
The clean energy race. How countries are investing? A report by PEW More stats 79
Citigroup is hiring in Brazil, says the Financial Times More stats 77
Brazilian IT companies go to trade show in California More stats 70
Investing in Brazilian Healthcare is theme of event in New York More stats 69
Meeting the Danish minister of foreign affairs in Sao Paulo More stats 68
BBC: “Brazil eases rules on conserving Amazon rainforest” More stats 68
How would you like Dilma, Mategna and PT to run Vale? More stats 67
Brazilian companies attend the Hannover Industrial Fair More stats 65
Should one worry about Brazilian democracy? More stats 64
Healthcare consulting firm expands to Brazil More stats 64
Insights from a success story of internationalization of a Brazilian consulting firm: MZ consult More stats 63
(Prices in) Brazil take off. Findings of the Mercer survey More stats 63
European commission approves Shell – Cosan joint venture | Valor Online More stats 62
South Africa’s AECI announces investment plan in Brazil More stats 61
The Washington Post says “JBS dominates world beef industry from farm to fork” More stats 60
Sustainability Forum begins today in the Amazon More stats 59
Brazil: Embracing Globalization? More stats 59
Global M&A Market Set to Grow in 2011, Goldman’s Dibelius Says – Bloomberg More stats 58
Ethanol fuel: a Brazilian distinguishing feature between hope and contradiction 1/2 More stats 58
Banking in Emerging Markets: The Bigger and Bigger Picture More stats 57
Rio to host international investment event next month More stats 57
Current Status of BRICs More stats 57
Brazilian entrepreneurs are cautious More stats 56
French retailer Carrefour plans new acquisitions in Brazil More stats 56
The Economist on Nobody’s Backyard More stats 56
French multinational Rexel acquires Brazil’s Nortel Suprimentos Industriais SA | Invest in Brazil More stats 54
International asset managers eye Brazilians nouveaux riches? More stats 54
Itau BBA leads M&A deals in Brazil. Rothschilds pushed back to 2nd place More stats 54
Brazil Summit in NYC More stats 53
Brazil Takes Off More stats 52
The Big Mac index More stats 51
BRICs: Trillon Dollar Club More stats 50
Brazil is a promising new frontier for Canadian dealmakers, says PwC report More stats 50
Brazilian pharma targets internationalization More stats 49
Asking questions about Brazil IT More stats 49
Latest stats on Brazilian millionaires More stats 49
Festival of Brazilian documentaires in Paris More stats 48
CNN Fareed Zakaria recommends Emerging Markets Business Book More stats 48
BTG Pactual launches two private equity funds More stats 48
Dilma Rousseff in The World in 2012, The Economist More stats 48
Citywire analysis: Brazil is now top pick for EM managers More stats 47
BRIC Internet Firms More stats 47
Brazil’s Oil Boom More stats 47
French multinational Louis Dreyfus to expand business in Brazil More stats 44
Strong results antecipated for Brazilian agribusiness More stats 44
Take away from Roberto Setubal’s conference in Sao Paulo More stats 44
Languages Supermarket More stats 42
Brazil’s presidential election Second round, second thoughts? More stats 42
Brazilian business centre opens in Moscow More stats 42
Brazilian steelmaker CSN sells stake in Australian coal miner for $830 million More stats 41
Brazilian multinationals in Egypt halt operations More stats 41
E-commerce giant launching in Brazil this year More stats 40
M&A event coming up in São Paulo More stats 40
Advent Has $2 Billion for `Niche’ Brazil Retail Acquisitions, Says – Bloomberg More stats 40
The “Award culture” is getting into the tropics More stats 40
Germans pitching for the World Cup and the Olympic Games More stats 40
A couple of notes on Brazilian agribusiness More stats 40
Bradesco BBI to Boost Staff as Equity, Debt, M&A Rise – Bloomberg More stats 40
Brazil’s Electoral Laws More stats 39
Quantitative Easing More stats 39
Brazil’s Bolsa Familia More stats 39
Alive from Rio: World Economic Forum on Latin America 2011 More stats 37
High quality (cheap) cotton? Brazilian fashion prefer Peru to China More stats 37
The global economy How to stop a currency war More stats 37
Brazilian and Chinese companies sign agreement on renewable energy projects More stats 37
Brazil´s Foreign Policy More stats 36
Latest on Clean Energy: China and Brazil raise investment as developed countries retreat More stats 36
Is Brazil a leader in energy matters? More stats 36
Brazilian economy is growing too fast. Expect new hike in interest rates. What effect on Brazilian housing industry? More stats 35
Utilities M&A: Chinese biding Brazilian plants and CEMIG thinking of acquiring in Latin America More stats 35
Good interview of Paulo Vieira da Cunha on WSJ: Brazil Economic Giant More stats 35
Tourism in Brazil grows more then country’s GDP More stats 35
Continued Multi Speed Recovery in 2011 More stats 34
Keep an Eye on Brazil ETFs and Regional Banks: Strategist | ETF Trends More stats 34
France wants Brazil support for Lafarge nomination in IMF More stats 33
The Economist on The Servant Problem in Brazil now, and historic Britain More stats 33
The Chinese Empire Strikes More stats 33
Africa yo te estoy llamando a ti – Africa eclipsing BRICs in Growth? More stats 33
BRIEFING: Brazil’s presidential election Lula’s legacy More stats 33
Brazil-Russia trade gains momentum More stats 32
Waging Currency Wars More stats 32
EXIM Brazil is created to support the export sector More stats 31
Cloud Computing Summit Brazil 2010 More stats 31
BRIC predictions score board More stats 30
Brazilians acquisitions abroad top Multinationals buying in Brazil, says Estadão More stats 30
Brazilian economy cools down with global turbulence More stats 29
Harvard president to visit Brazil in March More stats 29
Itau Surpasses Goldman Sachs in Brazilian Bond Underwriting More stats 28
Can you tell us what do you think? More stats 28
Final Post More stats 28
A country of “Nouveaux Riches” .. yet Brazil is 3rd income inequality More stats 27
China Sourcing Fairs to be launched in Brazil to serve demand for China-made products More stats 27
Cracking Brazil | Magazine Features | Building More stats 27
Bradesco launches new fund in Japan More stats 27
Brazilglobal Member Is Now Writing For Forbes More stats 27
Euro area tire maker benefits from increased Brazilian sales More stats 27
Brazil needs to be more innovative More stats 26
Brazil’s Election More stats 26
Brazil’s presidential election The handover More stats 26
Merry Christmas “à la brésilienne” More stats 25
Brazilian Industrias Romi acquires 3rd factory in Italy More stats 25
Lula should read the article “Brazil takes off” from The Economist, Nov. 12th 2009 More stats 24
French newspaper Libération and the queen of Brazil More stats 24
Take away from a Brazilian conference in Dakar More stats 23
Ranking of 57 Brazilian multinational companies More stats 23
Brazilian visiting scholars at Harvard More stats 23
Optimist about Dilma’s administration More stats 23
Another view of the World Social Forum 2011 More stats 23
Thank You, Lula More stats 23
Betting on electricity boom in Brazil, DistribuTECH launches local show in 2012 More stats 23
Latin America: Democracy, Latino-Style More stats 21
Startup Weekend: Backed by Google and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation More stats 21
In Brazil’s Slums, Economic Inequality Tackled With Technology More stats 21
The G20 aftermath: The Delhi consensus More stats 21
Decoding the DNA of Brazilian Multinationals More stats 20
Latin America: Societies on the Move More stats 20
Thank you Janar More stats 19
The Economist on Brazilian Election More stats 19
Brazilian fruit at Gulfood 2011: a 226% increase in sales More stats 18
The rocky road to Rio: What shippers need to know about doing business in Brazil – DC Velocity More stats 18
Brazilian capital markets roadshow in the U.S. More stats 18
Shanty Life in Brazil: Onward and Upward More stats 18
Brazil’s New President – Coming Down to Earth More stats 17
Output, Employment in Rich World v Emerging Markets More stats 17
Ferguson, Complexity and Collapse More stats 17
Standard and Poor’s upgrads Brazil More stats 16
Moving to Brazil on business More stats 16
BNDES needs greater transparency? More stats 16
G20 Meetings More stats 16
Business and Bureaucracy More stats 16
Brazil Bank Signals Rate Rise Is Near – The Fed’s Monetary Policy is About to Run Into a BRIC Wall More stats 15
Politics in Brazil More stats 15
Amazonian Tribe Leaders in Paris More stats 15
Emerging Market High Frequency Trading More stats 15
Congressional Corruption in Brazil More stats 15
2011 in person: Dilma Rousseff More stats 14
The world’s biggest economy More stats 14
Protecting its territory: Vale acquires mining company in West Africa More stats 14
Hot markets watch: selling to Brazil, China and India More stats 14
Embraer expands in China More stats 13
Private equity fund invests in grain terminal in Santos, Sao Paulo More stats 13
Brazil’s Growing Peacekeeping Role More stats 13
Is Africa the new frontier? How Brazil and China are approaching this continent? More stats 13
L’Oréal’s lab in Rio More stats 12
Policing in Rio impacts Economics ahead of Olympic Preparation More stats 12
Bureaucracy versus productivity. Still a negative factor More stats 12
QE2 Boosts Cross-Border M&A Deals | Global Finance More stats 12
Brazil on the world stage More stats 12
Bossa Nova genius João Gilberto in New York, June 22th More stats 11
Where do you see Brazil in 10 years? More stats 11
Banks for sale: BANCO DO BRASIL acquires bank in Argentina More stats 11
An interesting point of view about Brazilian growth in the next 5 years More stats 11
Keep walking, Brazil More stats 10
U.S. Venture Capital Industry Expected To Shrink While Emerging Markets Grow More stats 10
Stock exchanges of São Paulo and Hong Kong will work together in 2012 More stats 10
How is Brazil, the brand, doing? More stats 10
Lula among Time magazine most influential personalities list More stats 9
More M&A in Petrobras plans More stats 9
Brazilian Transnational Companies are debated in Paris at the CERALE More stats 9
How currencies will affect M&A in coming years? More stats 9
Emerging Markets Banks More stats 9
On the topic of Brazilian Wealth More stats 9
Our expiring commercial treaty with the Brazils More stats 9
The Economist on Vale More stats 8
Brazil Global highlights for 2010 More stats 8
Race & Law; Bolsa Familia More stats 8
Dilma president of Brazil. Now what? More stats 8
Brazil as mediator: Everyone wants to go to Rio More stats 8
Brazil on the PBS Newshour, 1 July 2010 More stats 8
Iberdrola Agrees To Buy Brazil Elektro For $2.4B More stats 7
Emerging Markets Banks #2. Riding the rise of a credit culture? More stats 7
Brazilian banks go shopping around the world More stats 7
Best Technology Blogs in the United States More stats 7
Brazil on the PBS Newshour More stats 7
Protecting Brazil’s forests More stats 7
Brazilian PA LATINOAMERICANA and Spanish Demtech inaugurate agreement in Brazil that targets both business immigrants and emigrants More stats 7
Education in Brazil More stats 6
Are Brazilian airports ready to meet air passenger demand in next World Cup? More stats 6
Globalization- Measures of Hope parallel economic measures More stats 6
HSBC promotes Brazilian culture and business worldwide More stats 6
From TechCrunch… Groupon’s Brazilian Site ClubeUrbano Loaded With Fake Deals More stats 6
Brazilians and Americans to discuss business in São Paulo, May 18th More stats 6
And Villa-Lobos is back in Paris More stats 6
There is nothing like a World Cup (in Brazil) More stats 6
Brazil has what China wants… More stats 5
Brazil and Peacekeeping: Policy Not Altruism More stats 5
Brazil’s Foreign Policy More stats 5
Spain’s Natraceutical in Brazil expansion deal More stats 5
Business between Italy and Brazil is the international event of the week More stats 5
Private banking industry in Brazil up 15,9% this year More stats 5
Progressive approach More stats 5
Another fund to invest in Brazil. This time it is Allianz’s More stats 5
Testimonials More stats 5
BRIC summit to be hosted in Brazil in the next days More stats 4
BRIC Innovation More stats 4
Brazilians visiting Germany in July More stats 4
Brazil’s presidential election Better late than never? More stats 4
More Brazilian milionaires More stats 4
Latin America predictions in Miami More stats 4
Brazilian cinema in Cannes. How is business? More stats 3
IBM’s new research lab is in Brazil More stats 3
How You Can Invest In the Hotest Latin American Country More stats 3
Global Monetary System More stats 3
U.S. Bean Farmers Seek Brazil Farmland Deals More stats 3
First impressions on Dilma’s economic team More stats 3
The future of Brazil, HSBC special report coming soon More stats 3
The waters of April More stats 3
Lacoste makes Brazil a priority More stats 3
Brazil’s Vale and Japan’s Jogmec to survey for metals in Mozambique More stats 3
Global investors pay more attention to Emerging Markets. What impact on Brazilian Private Equity? More stats 3
Brazil is selected as the best in corporate governance among emerging markets More stats 3
Venture Capital on the rise in Brazil More stats 3
Brazilian movie “Estomago” is the cover of Pariscope More stats 3
A week of good news in the tropics More stats 3
Brazilian Multinational Vale deal with Norway More stats 3
Brazil versus Mexico – inflation-wise More stats 2
Companies say they must be in Brazil More stats 2
Emerging Markets Banks #3. Closer look on China and India More stats 2
The Economist on Complexo do Alemao, RJ More stats 2
Euro risk .. and GDP record in Brazil More stats 2
You were looking for a vehicle to invest in Brazil? More stats 2
Chinese company Gigabyte to invest 30 million dollars in Brazil More stats 2
Could Portugal be a gateway to Europe for Brazilian companies? More stats 2
Vale, a case of sucess in internatiotionalization More stats 2
Billionaire investor Sam Zell to invest in Brazilian real estate More stats 2
Investors from Abu Dhabi exploring business in Brazil More stats 2
Stocks in Brazil – December Outlook compromised by concerns in Europe More stats 2
Brazilian mission in Dubai More stats 2
Brazil as a mediator or swing vote in security issues More stats 2
Brazil’s agricultural miracle More stats 2
UN Security Council Resolution on Iran… a negative view of Brazilian diplomacy More stats 2
Now Everyone Wants to be the “Fifth BRIC” More stats 2
Business roundtable with Chinese companies – Sao Paulo April 14th More stats 2
Rio is the most expensive city in the Americas More stats 2
Petrobras expands European connections More stats 2
Brazil’s Global Warming Agenda | World Resources Institute More stats 2
Brazil: again the safe port for investors? More stats 2
Brazilian Diplomacy through Currency More stats 1
Global Policymakers to Attend Conference of Montreal – June 7 to 10, 2010 More stats 1
Brazil announces record investment during G-20 summit More stats 1
America and Brazilian parallels More stats 1
What is the future of Economic Policy in the Developing World? More stats 1
Brazilian Nuclear Diplomacy More stats 1
Spanish turbine maker Gamesa sees Brazil as a key source of growth More stats 1
Caetano in Paris this Sunday More stats 1
U.S. already exports more ethanol than Brazil says Journal Estado de São Paulo More stats 1
Will Brazilian economy be contaminated by the turbulent scene in Europe? More stats 1
CNN Zakaria: US in danger of falling behind… Brazil More stats 1
Latin America Net arena offers VC opportunities More stats 1
French Apax Partners comes to the tropics More stats 1
Former CIA Officer on Brazil in Iran Negotiations More stats 1
Sparks Tribune – Nevada business in Brazil More stats 1
Contemporary Brazilian choreographer making an impact at Edinburgh festival More stats 1
Will Tightening cause a multi-speed recovery? More stats 1

Published by Hildete Vodopives

Hildete de Moraes Vodopives is founder of Brazil Global and of the Harvard Strategists Group. She has a PhD in Economic History and advises companies and investment agencies in international business development.She served as Corporate Relations Director and later, on the board of the Brazilian Investment Analysts Association (APIMEC).

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