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Market entry process

Helping in the process of entering a new market may translate in a number of aspects.


Companies Entering Brazil A local approach can be helpful in identifying opportunities, mitigating entry risks and mapping customer’s needs, preferences and behaviour. It a 3 step process.  Projects  Viability Studies Locating Partners Mission planning When including a local consultant to your team you foster: Access to a established high levelContinue reading “Advisory”

As an independent consultant, I have worked with companies and governments agencies. This local approach has been effective to strategic analysis in grasping growth potential and mitigating risks. Another part of my job is to connect people to the right partner abroad. 

Hildete Vodopives

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Crypto bill approved in the Brazilian Senate

The Brazilian Senate passed a Bill to regulate crypto currencies. The market accounted for R$ 215 billion, in 2021. The Brazilian government wants to attract new crypto businesses to the country. The bill now returns to the Lower House and if approved, president Jair Bolsonaro should sign it into law.

Harvard announces research funding opportunities for Brazil

The Harvard University Lemann Brazil Research Fund available to Harvard faculty is intended to foster collaboration between scholars and to support research projects focused on current issues facing Brazil, including the COVID-19 pandemic.  Lemann Brazil Research Fund Request for Proposals (deadline: Jan 25, 2021) Harvard faculty should also be aware of upcoming DRCLAS funding opportunities:DRCLAS Brazil Research Grants (deadline: Feb 10, 2021)DRCLAS Brazil Events-Based Grants (deadline: Feb 10,Continue reading “Harvard announces research funding opportunities for Brazil”

European academic revue launches issue about regulation and competition in Brazil

During most part of the 20th century the Brazilian State has been a drive of economic development, specially in capital intensive sectors such as energy, telecom and mining. But in the 1990s, states around the world virtually broke forcing policies into liberal mode. Brazil was no exception. The new recipe included creating regulatory agencies sectorContinue reading “European academic revue launches issue about regulation and competition in Brazil”

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