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A local approach in going international | Independent research and advisory


Market entry process

Helping in the process of entering a new market may translate in a number of aspects.

Executive cross-culture training

Our training program on Brazil  provides essential knowledge in business and culture. Given by a native with international experience, it is perfect for those who want to start a Brazilian operation or expand business with this growing market. The objectives of the Executive Training are to : Raise Managers knowledge in…


Companies Entering Brazil A local approach can be helpful in identifying opportunities, mitigating entry risks and mapping customer’s needs, preferences and behaviour. It a 3 step process.  Projects  Viability Studies Locating Partners Mission planning When including a local consultant to your team you foster: Access to a established high level…

As an independent consultant, I have worked with companies and governments agencies. This local approach has been effective to strategic analysis in grasping growth potential and mitigating risks. Another part of my job is to connect people to the right partner abroad. 

Hildete Vodopives

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