Cross-culture training

Our training program on Brazil  provides essential knowledge in business and culture. Given by a native with international experience, it is perfect for those who want to start a Brazilian operation or expand business with this growing market.

The objectives of the Executive Training are to :

  • Raise Managers knowledge in fundamental aspects of Brazilian business culture.
  • Provide local inputs and savoir faire – how things are done in Brazil.

Topics include

  • A historical perspective: colonial background to late industrialization.
  • A cultural melting pot.
  • Building democracy and stability.
  • Brazilian parties, political forces. Left and right in the tropics.
  • Transparency and corruption. What insights we learn from recent cases.
  • The legacy of high inflation: strong financial system.
  • Tax burden and education constrains.
  • Negotiation prep. Understanding when Brazilians are saying: “yes”, “no”, “maybe”
  • Do’s and don’ts in social life; courtesy, gifts and dress code.
  • How much costs to live in Brazil.
  • The Brazilian calendar. Carnival and other holidays to consider when planning trips and new project launches.
  • Economic clusters overview: São Paulo, Rio, Minas, Southern and Northern regions.
  • Demand and opportunities: oil and gas; mining; steel, banking and financial services, aerospace, retail and agribusiness.
  • Successful marketing cases.

Who should attend

Companies planning to do business with Brazilian companies; exporters, suppliers.

Expats who will live in Brazil.

Diplomats and managing team, consultants, business strategists, marketing and product managers.


This workshop is suitable for in-company or business associations and schools.

Covering Brazilian economy, history, geography and culture you will profit from a hands-on workshop where you can set your own priorities.