“Hildete is an expert in everything related to Brazil. She is always on top of the latest trends and has the right connections to provide excellent strategy advice and business insights. It is always pleasure to work with Hildete and I highly recommend her.”

Bernardo Silva, Investment Officer, Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency

“During the period I worked with Hildete, I always regarded her as a dedicated, committed and result-oriented professional. She understands well the business and cultural aspects around her. Hildete also has a personality that is both proactive in solving problems and respectful with her peers and superiors.”

Leonardo Porciuncula Gomes PereiraPresident, CVM

“Hildete is a smart thinking professional that outperforms both academic and business challenges. She has great knowledge about Brazil/LatAm and in combination with her experience abroad can extract great value in global business.”

Gilberto Cardoso, Manager Marketing Analysis, BHP Billiton

“Hildete was instrumental in connecting me with significant players within Brazil. As I was conducting research for a publication (at the Kellogg School of Management) on Brazilian capital markets and future infrastructure development, I required access to individuals who could provide clear data driven explanations for specific questions. Hildete’s understanding of the market and ability to link me with the appropriate individuals was invaluable.”

— Mauro Mujica-Parodi III, associate at McKinsey & Company

“Hildete is a business colleague that I met through the Harvard Career Network. Hildete invited me to speak at an investment managers conference (APIMEC) in Rio, and introduced me to many other investment business contacts. She is a dynamic, friendly, outgoing, fun, and positive person with endless energy. Because of her investment activities with her company, she has a broad perspective on Brazilian firms in particular. She has helped me to develop my view of Brazilian companies, which my company, Magis Capital, owns for my clients through various indexes. Through a series of contacts with Hildete, I have developed conviction that has led to good returns for my clients. I think she can provide a similar type of insight for many other entities, including foreign investment companies, venture capital firms, educational institutions, or individuals.”

— Janar Wasito, Owner, Magis Capital Management LLC

“Hildete enjoys challenges, working with enthusiasm on what this involved, performing with an incredible power, a business woman with a broad vision and attention to ethics as dealing with conflict and adverse situations.”

— Alexandre Canatella, CEO & Co-Founder – Owner, Cyber Cook, Cyber Diet and Vila Mulher Network

“I had several opportunities to meet up with Hildete when I was working on different business orientations within Brazil. Hildete was very dedicated and delighted to help. Her enthusiasm, multi-cultural understanding and network helped me a lot. Hildete is a very good business contact to work with and she has a great understanding of Brazilian market.”

— Benoit Micaud, EAME product manager software solution, Pitney Bowes.

“Hildete is a very self-oriented professional, with excellent skills in financial, strategic and management areas. I had the opportunity to know Hildete some years ago, when I was a head hunter.  She is a talented professional, skilled and extremely focused on results. Her ethics, reliability and technical knowledge in business strategy and asset management are unquestionable.

— Roseli A Fernandes, HR Regional Manager South America, EMCON Technologies

“Hildete is a detailed-oriented manager and a peaceful woman who understand the balance sheet like a specialist without ever loosing of the strategic objective.”

— Salim Ibrahim Levi, Owner, Essil Consult

“Hildete is a very dedicated person, who has the ability to understand very well not only the Brazilian Stock Market but the dynamic of the market and fundamental analysis.”

— Ricardo Leirner, Officer, Queluz Group

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