European academic revue launches issue about regulation and competition in Brazil

During most part of the 20th century the Brazilian State has been a drive of economic development, specially in capital intensive sectors such as energy, telecom and mining. But in the 1990s, states around the world virtually broke forcing policies into liberal mode. Brazil was no exception.

The new recipe included creating regulatory agencies sector by sector in order to promote competition, growth, transparency, and efficiency. Did it work? How did the economy respond? What problems this model faced?

The European magazine Entreprises et Histoire just launched a special issue addressing this issue. Professor Luiz Carlos Delorme Prado from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and myself organised this discussion following a mixed approach: historical and strategic.

Cover of the Entreprises et Histoire issue dedicated to Brazil

We have tackled complex issues covering:

1 – Brazil, an original trajectory

1.1 -Particularities of Brazilian economic development
1.2 – The economic miracle of the 1970s and the new regulation of capital markets
1.3 – Brazil facing the challenges of globalisation

2 – Realities and limits of the action of regulatory agencies

2.1 -The first regulatory agencies
2.2 -Left winds: under the direction of the Partido dos Trabalhadores
2.3 -Natural resources: oil and iron ore, peculiarities of Brazil’s two largest public companies
2.4 – Independence of agencies, critics and new law

3 – Sector studies

3.1 – A long-term perspective on competition and regulation: energy
3.2 -Basic Industries
3.3 – Communication Activities

Published by Hildete Vodopives

Hildete de Moraes Vodopives is founder of Brazil Global and of the Harvard Strategists Group. She has a PhD in Economic History and advises companies and investment agencies in international business development.She served as Corporate Relations Director and later, on the board of the Brazilian Investment Analysts Association (APIMEC).

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