Porto Maravalley

https://blogs.oglobo.globo.com/capital/post/porto-maravalley-o-projeto-que-quer-transformar-o-porto-do-rio-em-polo-de-start-ups.html The above article, which I copy and translate below, discusses a interesting project in entrepreneurship, in which Ricardo Geromel is cited as a consultant to the city of Rio. A Invest Rio, agência de atração de negócios da prefeitura, tentará uma saída para a crise do Porto Maravilha. Junto com a aceleradora Fábrica deContinue reading “Porto Maravalley”


https://www.jfklibrary.org/learn/about-jfk/media-galleries/world-war-ii “Kennedy” is the center, physically and perhaps morally, of PUC-Rio.br, the “Harvard of South America” and the lead Jesuit institution in Brazil. Working with a diplomat, “Kevin” at the US Consulate at Av Presidente Wilson 147, I am in the process of developing a MOOC based on americanenglish.state.gov to be sent out to eductemagis.orgContinue reading “JFK”

Robert (Bob) Kennedy at the Catholic (Jesuit) University of Rio de Janeiro

http://nucleodememoria.vrac.puc-rio.br/pessoas/robert-bob-kennedy I’ve posted the pictures of Robert (Bob) Kennedy in his appearance at the Catholic Jesuit University (PUC-Rio.Br) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was suggested to me by a friend and diplomat, Kevin, at the local US Consulate. He also directed me to a useful MOOC, americanenglish.state.gov, which I aspire to use as aContinue reading “Robert (Bob) Kennedy at the Catholic (Jesuit) University of Rio de Janeiro”

Harvard announces research funding opportunities for Brazil

The Harvard University Lemann Brazil Research Fund available to Harvard faculty is intended to foster collaboration between scholars and to support research projects focused on current issues facing Brazil, including the COVID-19 pandemic.  Lemann Brazil Research Fund Request for Proposals (deadline: Jan 25, 2021) Harvard faculty should also be aware of upcoming DRCLAS funding opportunities:DRCLAS Brazil Research Grants (deadline: Feb 10, 2021)DRCLAS Brazil Events-Based Grants (deadline: Feb 10,Continue reading “Harvard announces research funding opportunities for Brazil”

European academic revue launches issue about regulation and competition in Brazil

During most part of the 20th century the Brazilian State has been a drive of economic development, specially in capital intensive sectors such as energy, telecom and mining. But in the 1990s, states around the world virtually broke forcing policies into liberal mode. Brazil was no exception. The new recipe included creating regulatory agencies sectorContinue reading “European academic revue launches issue about regulation and competition in Brazil”