Crypto bill approved in the Brazilian Senate

The Brazilian Senate passed a Bill to regulate crypto currencies. The market accounted for R$ 215 billion, in 2021. The Brazilian government wants to attract new crypto businesses to the country. The bill now returns to the Lower House and if approved, president Jair Bolsonaro should sign it into law.

The Economist on China and Brazil

A lopsided romanceDespite thriving trade, China’s relationship with Brazil is weakening President Jair Bolsonaro’s rhetoric has not helped Feb 12th 2022 BRASÍLIA On a trip to China in 2004 Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, then president of Brazil, took with him an entourage fit for a rock star: seven cabinet ministers, six state governors and moreContinue reading “The Economist on China and Brazil”

One city, two worldsRio de Janeiro asks why its cops kill so many black people

This is a good article about a recent police operation in Rio de Janeiro. One city, two worldsRio de Janeiro asks why its cops kill so many black people Activists are increasingly pushing back At dawn on May 6th residents of Jacarezinho, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, woke to the sound of police helicoptersContinue reading “One city, two worldsRio de Janeiro asks why its cops kill so many black people”

Porto Maravalley The above article, which I copy and translate below, discusses a interesting project in entrepreneurship, in which Ricardo Geromel is cited as a consultant to the city of Rio. A Invest Rio, agência de atração de negócios da prefeitura, tentará uma saída para a crise do Porto Maravilha. Junto com a aceleradora Fábrica deContinue reading “Porto Maravalley”

JFK “Kennedy” is the center, physically and perhaps morally, of, the “Harvard of South America” and the lead Jesuit institution in Brazil. Working with a diplomat, “Kevin” at the US Consulate at Av Presidente Wilson 147, I am in the process of developing a MOOC based on to be sent out to eductemagis.orgContinue reading “JFK”