Is Brazil ready for the game?

2014 and 2016 promise to be  two important years sports wise in Brazil with the World Cup and the Olympic Games.  Brazil is now part of the selected group of countries hosting major events. Only 4 countries have managed this feat: Mexico (1968 and 1970), Germany (1972 and 1974), USA (1994-1996) and Japan (1998-2002). An herculean challenge maybe, but  it is also a chance for Brazil to prove itself in the eyes of the countries “in the north”.


The ball is rolling. By winning the competition to host this world events, Brazil reaffirms its leadership in South America, attracts investments and matures its position as an emerging power of the XXI century.

The preparation of the World Cup and Olympic Games will add value in different areas of society: new facilities and infrastructure, redevelopment of urban neighborhoods: bottom line more money circulating into the country. With a growth rate of 7.5 % in 2010 Brazil is on an upward slope. A trend it can not see un

Despite of the government infusion of 130 billion reais (USD 56 billion), schedule is running late and the Olympic  Committee and Fifa worries.

The construction of new stadiums are taking more time than expected. French newspaper Le Monde revealed in an article on May 12 that the new stadium in Sao Paulo will not be completed on time; FIFA’s deadline is December 2012 but locals expect to have it done sometime in 2013..

Airports are also subject of concern. A massive wave of tourists is expected for the games.  Of the 13 airports selected by the Olympic committee only 9 will be ready for 2017 one year after the Olympics. This delay pushes the coordinator infrastructure from IPEA, Carlos Campos to establish “temporary structures” to meet the influx.

Finally another major problem, that of displacement. The modernization of Brazilian cities had the perverse effect result in the destruction of neighborhoods, which has unfortunately led to the first population of exclusions. The UN reports Ms. Rolnick said his concern about “excessive movement and to the exclusion of populations. Several cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Belo Horizonte are facing this situation.

Brazil should change its tune now to better prepare for the events ahead. The World Cup and Olympic Games are above all universal celebrations. One way or another everybody is involved, does not matter if you are rich or poor.


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Published by Charles Rassaert

Docteur en Histoire Contemporaine, je suis diplômé de l’Université Paris IV Sorbonne en Histoire et Géographie. Journaliste indépendant, j'ai travaillé pour plusieurs médias (presse écrite et web média) dans les domaines de l’environnement et des relations internationales (Amérique Latine, Moyen-Orient). Simultanément, je suis Directeur du programme Amérique au sein de l’Institut Open Diplomacy et je travaille pour un cabinet spécialisé dans la négociation et la gestion de conflits.

One thought on “Is Brazil ready for the game?

  1. Regretfully I must say that Brazilian infrastructure to deal with the either Football World Cup or the Olympic Games is very low indeed with no investment at all. For the fourth time in 4 years I fly to Rio de Janeiro and that Tom Jobim airport is no better than a bus station, with no lifts operating, escalators not working, information on the car park is very confusing and misleading, people who are suppose to help you have very long and unhappy faces, food areas with poor service, broken or leaking toilets, there is no facility whatsoever for disable peopleso the faults catalog is quite lengthy indeed.
    This time my flight was the only one on the tarmac and immigration was very slow, I was wondering if 4 or 5 flights arrive simultaneously what might have happened.
    I am Brazilian and I do know what is going on in my country!

    It is my intention to give advice to people who are considering going there for those games; and my word of advice is: Check before you go as it can be quite an adventure!


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