Direct marketing awards in Brazil unveils best strategies

Brazil is the Latin America’s country that has presented in recent years the highest rate of growth in the market of the direct marketing. And one more time surpasses the expectations and proves the forecasts growth of the sector.


With special prominence for the development of the activities of digital marketing and callcenter, the celebration of XVII Prize ABEMD (Brazilian Association of Direct Marketing) carried through in the São Paulo city  last month, awarded the best cases produced for great advertisers of the country. Among the competitors were brands such as Audi, Allianz, Citibank, Credicard, Dupont, Woman editor April, Fiat, Ford, HP, IBM, Itaú Unibanco, Magazine Luiza, McDonald’s, Nextel, Bread of Sugar, Oi, Pepsi, Peugeot, Souza Cruz, SulAmérica, Sky, TAM, Telephonic, Aims at, Volkswagen, Whirlpool, among others.

“The set of cases awarded one more time represents the high level of the Direct Brazilian Marketing. All them are winners though because without them, obviously, it would not have the Prize nor the dissemination of our activity. They are a true show of strategy, creation and results”, declared the president of the ABEMD, Efraim Kapulski, in his pening speech in the event.

Another symptom of the growth of this type  of communication in the Brazilian market was the number of cases enrolled in the competition, in comparison with the previous year. In the Callcenter specialty a 54,5% addition was registered; in CRM (Costumer Relationship Manager) 37.5%; in Digital Marketing 14.8%.

But it wasn’t only the quantitative indices that had marked the accomplishment of XVII Prize ABEMD of Direct Marketing. The quality of creation and the strategies presented by the winners-without mentioning the excellent results of market reached, that also deserve to be really pointed out.

Also, I believe that all this quality registered in the competition will still be distinguished in the next international prizes as the Lions Direct (Cannes), the DMA Echo Awards (USA) and the Latin American AMAUTA (Argentina), to mention a few. The main winners of ABEMD Prize will represent the direct Brazilian marketing in these events and, as it has happened in recent years, to conquer the world-wide recognition of an activity with expectation of annual growth for return of 16,4% up to 2014, and responsible for the movement of US$13,6 billions in the country’s economy.

These international prizes mentioned  above will happen soon, in the next months, and  we will have the chance to come back to this subject, by reporting the performance of Brazilian cases in the competition.

See list of winning cases:   

Check out the Special Awards:                                   

Published by Edson Warren Soares

Edson Warren Soares is partner of War Consulting, a marketing specialist firm with focus in direct communications. He acted as creative director for major advertising agencies, such as Ogilvy and Draftwordwide in Brazil. He researches new trends and marketing strategies, while passioned about art and communication technology. Edson is member of the Brazilian Direct Marketing Association (Abemd) where he integrates the annual prize jury.

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