Keep walking, Brazil

2011 was a good year for Brazilian advertising. Among some very interesting campaigns, it is worth mentioning NeoGamaBBH’s for Johnnie Walker. It was the first time that the famous whisky house produced a campaign exclusively for a country. The interest of Johnnie Walker is Brazil is justified. Their products consumption in Brazil hit a record of 30% compared with the previous year.

The film invokes the country’s economic growth by associating the slogan “keep walking” with the lyrics of the Brazilian national anthem that says “… giant by nature … lying in a splendid cradle forever “. The creative concept gets the giant to finally wakes up, and walk.

Action takes place in Rio de Janeiro, where Sugar Loaf hill; a postcard of the city comes to live. Production employed 420 professionals from 11 nationalities.

The film is signed by Zohar International Productions and was directed by Peter Thwaites, from the London-based Gorgeous. Postproduction was handled by New Yorker The Mill, producer, which won an Oscar for special effects in the movie “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott.
The campaign also involved Facebook, where the brand fans voted for technology initiatives, innovation and art.

We from Brazil Global wish you a great 2012!

Published by Edson Warren Soares

Edson Warren Soares is partner of War Consulting, a marketing specialist firm with focus in direct communications. He acted as creative director for major advertising agencies, such as Ogilvy and Draftwordwide in Brazil. He researches new trends and marketing strategies, while passioned about art and communication technology. Edson is member of the Brazilian Direct Marketing Association (Abemd) where he integrates the annual prize jury.

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