Brazil and Guinea Conakry

Two weeks ago, Janar posted stating that Brazilians should pay closer attention to Africa.

A few days later, Hildete wrote about the expansion of Banco do Brasil in Africa.

I tend to pay close attention to the advises of my brilliant co-bloggers…

Well, big news are that today I am leaving Paris. I will be working for Bolloré Africa Logistics as a project manager in Guinea Conakry.

Key figures about Bolloré Africa Logistics:

  • 1st : We are the 1st logistics network integrated in Africa.
  • 41 : The number of african countries where we are present.
  • 50 : We have been operating in most african countries for over 50 years (80 years in Senegal).
  • 200 : The number of our agencies in Africa.
  • 200 : In M€, represents our average annual investments in Africa.
  • 6 000 : The number of handling and transport vehicles used in Africa.
  • 20 000 : The number of people employed in Africa.
  • 5 000 000 : sqm, the surface of offices, warehouses, container yards and workshops.

Have you ever been to Guinea Conakry? Do you know anyone who has been there?

Published by Ricardo Geromel

Ricardo was born and raised in Brazil but also has Italian citizenship. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Fairleigh Dickinson University. This erratic blogger is a master candidate in Paris at ESCP-Europe, but presently in a gap semester. He speaks five languages and has worked as project manager for Bolloré Group in Guinea Conakry, West Africa and as agricultural commodities trader for Noble Group in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.

4 thoughts on “Brazil and Guinea Conakry

  1. This sounds like a great adventure Ricardo! I am sure you will have a lot to write about as a Brazilian working in Africa. Specially, after your experience in Paris and New York. Safe trip! Have fun! God bless your journey!


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