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SAO PAULO – The European Commission gave the green light for the creation of a joint venture between Anglo-Dutch Shell and Brazil’s Cosan focused on the production, distribution and sale of sugar, ethanol and related products, according to a statement issued on Tuesday.

After examining the operation, the commission concluded that “the transaction will not significantly impedes effective competition in the European Economic Area or a substantial part of it. ”

The agency noted that the activities of the joint venture will involve the production,sale and marketing of sugar and ethanol in Brazil and abroad, development and licensing of certain technologies; including ethanol supply, distribution and sale of transportation fuels in Brazil and the production and sale of energy cogeneration facilities of ethanol and sugar of Shell-Cosan joint venture in Brazil.

(Juliana Cardoso | Valor)

via the European Commission gives green light for a joint venture of Shell and Cosan| Valor Online.

via Comissão Europeia dá sinal verde para joint venture de Shell e Cosan | Valor Online.

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