Itau BBA leads M&A deals in Brazil. Rothschilds pushed back to 2nd place

Brazilian investment bank Itau BBA pushes Rothschild from the No. 1 spot among advisers on Brazilian mergers and acquisitions. Itau BBA supplanted other heavy international competition such as Citigroup and Credit Suisse. Itau BBA accounted for 27 deals totaling $35.4 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg through today. Banco BTG Pactual is the other Brazilian bank who boostingContinue reading “Itau BBA leads M&A deals in Brazil. Rothschilds pushed back to 2nd place”

Asking questions about Brazil IT

Intelligence and information holds the future? What do Brazilian IT executives think? While I have been in Rio researching about internationalization, I read this interesting survey from IT Decisions that I’d like to share. They raise pertinent points regarding strategic aspects. The survey asks: Should some IT companies be retained under Brazilian ownership? Should the governmentContinue reading “Asking questions about Brazil IT”

Brazilian law firms surge on M&A boom

As M&A deals abound, legal advisory in Brazil gain steam. This is what shows a recent survey by Thomson Reuters. Fees and talent are on the rise. Take a look. Reuters:  Law firms had a 2.7 % rise in advisory roles to 346 deals worth $53.54 billion from the same period a year earlier, accordingContinue reading “Brazilian law firms surge on M&A boom”

Carrefour merging in Brazil?

Two recent news about Carrefour’s operations in Brazil. A possible merger with Grupo Pão de Açucar and the deal with Itau Unibanco, which bought 49% of the French retailer’s bank. According to Dow Jones in Paris, Carrefour SA may seek to merge its Brazilian unit with Brazil’s largest retailer – Grupo Pao de Acucar.  CarrefourContinue reading “Carrefour merging in Brazil?”

A foreign impression on Brazilian attitude about upfront fee

When doing cross culture business, some things become very important. Fees are one of them. The modus operandi in each culture varies substantially. The question of upfront fees can become an issue that will interfere in the deal itself. If things are not clear, it can simply soar. That is particularly true in Brazil. In an AllContinue reading “A foreign impression on Brazilian attitude about upfront fee”