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Prospects for M&A in the BRIC countries

Financier World Wide brings this week a deep analysis on 2011 prospects for M&A in the BRIC countries.I found it a good summary of M&A activity in Brazil, Russia, India and China. My highlights from the original text “While there … Continue reading

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M&A event coming up in São Paulo

Dealmaking in Brazil: Spotlight on M&A, IPOs and Joint Ventures march 17, 2011 Caesar Park Faria Lima, sao PauLo Dealmaking in Brazil is heating up with m&a up 40% over the past year in terms of volume of deals and over … Continue reading

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Brazil 2010 M&A hits new record

Brazil is increasingly a participant in the mergers and acquisitions market. Along with China, the Latin American country led the emerging world to account for one-third of the global industry. According to a survey by Thomson Reuters, in 2010, 693 … Continue reading

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European commission approves Shell – Cosan joint venture | Valor Online

SAO PAULO – The European Commission gave the green light for the creation of a joint venture between Anglo-Dutch Shell and Brazil’s Cosan focused on the production, distribution and sale of sugar, ethanol and related products, according to a statement issued on Tuesday. After examining the operation, the commission concluded that “the transaction will not significantly impedes effective competition in the European Economic Area or a substantial part of it. ” The agency noted that the activities of the joint venture will involve the … Continue reading

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Bradesco BBI to Boost Staff as Equity, Debt, M&A Rise – Bloomberg

Banco Bradesco BBI SA, Brazil’s third-largest debt underwriter, plans to increase staff by 20 percent next year as growth in Latin America’s largest economy fuels deals in capital markets and acquisitions. via Bradesco BBI to Boost Staff as Equity, Debt, … Continue reading

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How currencies will affect M&A in coming years?

Recent article in the Wall Street Journal says that stronger regional currencies may drive cross-boarder M&A deals. Emerging countries will play a key role as buyers. Some Brazilian companies as Gerdau, Vale and JBS are already recognized consolidators in their … Continue reading

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Global M&A Market Set to Grow in 2011, Goldman’s Dibelius Says – Bloomberg

The global market for mergers and acquisitions may have “relatively strong” growth next year as corporate earnings recover, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s German head said. “We expect the global M&A transactions volume to grow 10 percent to 15 percent in the … Continue reading

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