Private Equity 3i Group announces Brazilian office

3i Group, an international investor focused on Private Equity, Infrastructure and Debt Management,  announced it has appointed Marcelo Di Lorenzo, previously of Standard Bank Private Equity, to head its newly-established office and team in Brazil. 3i around the world 3i operates in the UK, North America, China, Singapore, India, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland,Continue reading “Private Equity 3i Group announces Brazilian office”

Deutsche Bank on Brazilian M&A activity

Deutsche Bank bankers recently gave a briefing on the Brazilian cross-border  M&A market to the Financial Women’s Association of New York. Joel Roberto’s analysis pin points key facts both in the stock market and M&A deals activity. Patti Domm’s  article about it is very concise and interesting. I skim my highlights below.   Liquidity and haveContinue reading “Deutsche Bank on Brazilian M&A activity”

New Private equity record in Latin America. Time to invest?

While Fund-raising decreased by 7 % in the U.S., European Latin America Private equity firms raised a record $8.1 billion for investments in the region, representing more than twice the previous year, according to the Latin American Venture Capital Association. Are prices going up too fast? Brazil among peers in Latin America Brazil is the top countryContinue reading “New Private equity record in Latin America. Time to invest?”

Prospects for M&A in the BRIC countries

Financier World Wide brings this week a deep analysis on 2011 prospects for M&A in the BRIC countries.I found it a good summary of M&A activity in Brazil, Russia, India and China. My highlights from the original text “While there will always be economic and legal hurdles to global M&A, as it stands the prospectsContinue reading “Prospects for M&A in the BRIC countries”

Advent Has $2 Billion for `Niche’ Brazil Retail Acquisitions, Says – Bloomberg

BLOOMBERG: Advent International Corp., a private-equity company, has $2 billion to make acquisitions in Brazil’s retail industry and take advantage of growth in Latin America’s largest economy, the company’s local head said. “We’re looking at various companies in niche retail areas,” Patrice Etlin, managing partner at Advent in Latin America, said in a telephone interview from SaoContinue reading “Advent Has $2 Billion for `Niche’ Brazil Retail Acquisitions, Says – Bloomberg”