Business at the BRIC Summit in China

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is in China attending the BRIC Summit. Reassuring investment in Brazil In a speech during the World Economic Forum in Boao, China, the president Rousseff highlighted the benefits of investing in Brazil. For her, the country is the place to be applicable in various sectors because there is a combination of factors thatContinue reading “Business at the BRIC Summit in China”

India, a contrast with Brazil

The excellent Schumpeter column in The Economist covers the Indian model of innovation, which contrasts with the Brazilian model according to a column on Brazil just weeks later. “Companies in India are challenging American ones in an area that they have long considered their own—innovation. The Boston Consulting Group’s 2010 survey of innovation notes thatContinue reading “India, a contrast with Brazil”

Continued Multi Speed Recovery in 2011

The World in 2011 by The Economist projects a continued multispeed recovery with emerging markets growing output faster than the Rich World. “Nowadays, it is usually sunnier in the emerging world, and so it will again prove in 2011. Yet there, too, much of the growth in 2010 came from the pocket-books of national governments.Continue reading “Continued Multi Speed Recovery in 2011”

Goldman Sachs’ Jim O’Neill in The Economist on BRIC Growth

In the World in 2011, Goldman Sachs’ Jim O’Neill gives his forecast for 2036. “Will China have overtaken America in economic size? Will the BRIC economies collectively be as big as the G7? Will European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) still exist? Will Britain have joined it? Will the international monetary system be anything likeContinue reading “Goldman Sachs’ Jim O’Neill in The Economist on BRIC Growth”