The Economist on Brazilian Protests

Protests in Brazil The wisdom of crowds After massive demonstrations against her, Dilma Rousseff will struggle to relaunch her presidency Mar 21st 2015 | SÃO PAULO | From the print edition DILMA ROUSSEFF, Brazil’s president, expected the anti-government protests on March 15th to be big. She convened a meeting of a crisis group at herContinue reading “The Economist on Brazilian Protests”

Business at the BRIC Summit in China

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is in China attending the BRIC Summit. Reassuring investment in Brazil In a speech during the World Economic Forum in Boao, China, the president Rousseff highlighted the benefits of investing in Brazil. For her, the country is the place to be applicable in various sectors because there is a combination of factors thatContinue reading “Business at the BRIC Summit in China”

How would you like Dilma, Mategna and PT to run Vale?

Rumors that Brazilian federal government aims to replace Roger Agnelli, Vale’s CEO, have been surrounding the market for a long time. Yesterday, minister Guido Mantega, representing the Federal government as one large shareholder, officially requested Bradesco, another large shareholder, the substitution of Roger Agnelli as Vale CEO, according to Estado broadcast agency. Supposedly, the governmentContinue reading “How would you like Dilma, Mategna and PT to run Vale?”

Optimist about Dilma’s administration

“The economist” and I are optimist about Dilma’s administration. Why? 1)        She showed she wants to fight inflation 2)        She said she will dedicate her administration to eliminate misery 3)         Promised political and tax reforms 4)        She started to change Lula’s foreignContinue reading “Optimist about Dilma’s administration”

The debate around Belo Monte dam in the Amazon

“In order for the Brazilian economy to grow around 5 per cent per year in the next few years, Brazil needs to add 5,000 megawatts per year to its installed capacity” said Mauricio Tolmasquim, of the Brazilian government’s Energy Research Company in an article last week in the Financial Times. What is the solution? $11bn BeloContinue reading “The debate around Belo Monte dam in the Amazon”