“Go east, young moneyman!”

The economist published an article entitled Go east, young moneyman. Following is the opening paragraph: « “A LOT of my friends are going to Asia and Latin America to do their internships,” says Ben Zhang, a student at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business who will do his in Hong Kong with Morgan Stanley.Continue reading ““Go east, young moneyman!””

Optimist about Dilma’s administration

“The economist” and I are optimist about Dilma’s administration. Why? 1)        She showed she wants to fight inflation 2)        She said she will dedicate her administration to eliminate misery 3)         Promised political and tax reforms 4)        She started to change Lula’s foreignContinue reading “Optimist about Dilma’s administration”

The Big Mac index

The Economist’s Big Mac Index shows that a burger is undervalued in China, but overvalued in Brazil. “Since 14.5 yuan can buy as much burger as $3.71, a yuan should be worth $0.26 on the foreign-exchange market. In fact, it costs just $0.15, suggesting that it is undervalued by about 40%. The tensions caused byContinue reading “The Big Mac index”

The New Middle Class in Emerging Markets: Burgeoning Buergeoisie

Articles on the middle class in emerging markets make me believe that the recent violence leading to better security in Rio de Janeiro is long-term bullish for Brazil and Emerging Markets; phases of counterinsurgency in Iraq or Afghanistan could be useful comparison — much, much less violence was seen in Brazil, though pictures of rocketContinue reading “The New Middle Class in Emerging Markets: Burgeoning Buergeoisie”

Brazil’s agricultural miracle

The Economist has a briefing on Brazilian farms. Even more striking than the fact of its success has been the manner of it. Brazil has followed more or less the opposite of the agro-pessimists’ prescription. For them, sustainability is the greatest virtue and is best achieved by encouraging small farms and organic practices. They frownContinue reading “Brazil’s agricultural miracle”