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“Go east, young moneyman!”

The economist published an article entitled Go east, young moneyman. Following is the opening paragraph: « “A LOT of my friends are going to Asia and Latin America to do their internships,” says Ben Zhang, a student at the University of … Continue reading

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Optimist about Dilma’s administration

“The economist” and I are optimist about Dilma’s administration. Why? 1)        She showed she wants to fight inflation 2)        She said she will dedicate her administration to eliminate misery 3)         … Continue reading

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The Big Mac index

The Economist’s Big Mac Index shows that a burger is undervalued in China, but overvalued in Brazil. “Since 14.5 yuan can buy as much burger as $3.71, a yuan should be worth $0.26 on the foreign-exchange market. In fact, it … Continue reading

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The New Middle Class in Emerging Markets: Burgeoning Buergeoisie

Articles on the middle class in emerging markets make me believe that the recent violence leading to better security in Rio de Janeiro is long-term bullish for Brazil and Emerging Markets; phases of counterinsurgency in Iraq or Afghanistan could be … Continue reading

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Brazil’s agricultural miracle

The Economist has a briefing on Brazilian farms. Even more striking than the fact of its success has been the manner of it. Brazil has followed more or less the opposite of the agro-pessimists’ prescription. For them, sustainability is the … Continue reading

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