Brazil has what China wants…

A money manager in Brazil once said to me, “Brazil has what China wants and is willing to sell it.” How much does this summarize the growth of the commodity sector in Brazil? Condemned to prosperity Nov 12th 2009 From The Economist print edition Brazil has learned to love its commodity sector NOT many countriesContinue reading “Brazil has what China wants…”

Emerging Markets Banks #2. Riding the rise of a credit culture?

Emerging markets banks have doubled since 2005. They are relevant in the industry profit and revenue wise. The rise of a credit culture might explain this trend. Nevertheless, these banks are still not quite known by the rich-world investors. Is this an opportunity for further growth? The bigger and bigger picture May 13th 2010 FromContinue reading “Emerging Markets Banks #2. Riding the rise of a credit culture?”

Generalizations about Brazilian attitudes towards money

Since reading this piece, I have wondered whether these generalizations about the Brazilian attitude towards money are true? Brazil’s oil policy Preparing to spend a “millionaire ticket” from offshore Sep 3rd 2009 | SÃO PAULO From The Economist print edition The government has unveiled plans to give the state the lion’s share of the moneyContinue reading “Generalizations about Brazilian attitudes towards money”

Current Status of BRICs

This article in The Economist was published at the same time as the 2nd meeting of the BRIC nations in Brasilia. The article raises an interesting question of how cohesive the BRIC nations are beyond the original economic categorization. The BRICs The trillion-dollar club Brazil, Russia, India and China matter individually. But does it makeContinue reading “Current Status of BRICs”