Is Gap snubbing Brazil?

The Financial Times piece “There is a big Gap in Brazil” tells us some reasons why GAP is not excited about the Brazilian market. High import taxes and not so expressive GDP growth are some of the reasons. “Some simple maths illustrates why Gap might be leaving Brazil alone, for now. Last year, the average growthContinue reading “Is Gap snubbing Brazil?”

Citywire analysis: Brazil is now top pick for EM managers

British magazine Citywire runs frequent ranking for investments in Europe. An analysis announced today shows that Brazil is now the top pick for top performing asset managers in emerging markets. “For half of the top ten best performing managers in emerging markets over the last five years, Brazil represents either their top country exposure or a biggerContinue reading “Citywire analysis: Brazil is now top pick for EM managers”

More Quantitative Easing 2 Impact

This from The Economist’s Buttonwood, economics column, dated 1 January, 2011; the excellent column makes the bearish case for 2011, the good mood ending 2010 notwithstanding. “It seems certain that the Federal Reserve will continue to accompany fiscal stimulus with the monetary equivalent in the form of near-zero interest rates and further quantitative easing. TheContinue reading “More Quantitative Easing 2 Impact”

What is the future of Economic Policy in the Developing World?

The International Institute for Strategic Studies holds a book launch debate on The Day After Tomorrow: A Handbook on the Future of Economic Policy in the Developing World with Otaviano Canuto, head of poverty reduction and economic management at the World Bank. The book, which is also coauthor by Marcelo Giugale,  looks at how developing countries areContinue reading “What is the future of Economic Policy in the Developing World?”

Emerging Markets top Private Equity investment in 2010

Interest in investing private equity dollars in Latin America continue to grow. Brazil deals ranked among the top five largest investments this year. PE investment in Brazil increasing 53% in the first six months of 2010 over full year 2009 totals. Much of the $4.5 billion in emerging markets private equity investments in the firstContinue reading “Emerging Markets top Private Equity investment in 2010”