Trade and Commodity Conference in São Paulo

The Brazil and Latin America Trade and Commodity Finance Conference starts tomorrow in São Paulo to promote  local and international business opportunities in the region. The event will gather commodity brokers, traders, insurance underwriters, export credit agencies along with lawyers, market analysts and policy advisors. The two day program include a range of topics •    Brazil’s roleContinue reading “Trade and Commodity Conference in São Paulo”

“Brazil, the rising star” on CBS 60 minutes show

The American tv network CBS produced last December a special report about Brazil for the 60 minutes show. It is a fair Brazil 101 with interviews of Eike Batista, CEO of the holding EBX International and #1 fortune in the country and Lula, former president who was then in office. Batista says that Brazil is an importantContinue reading ““Brazil, the rising star” on CBS 60 minutes show”

Where do you see Brazil in 10 years?

Mark Mobius answers this question in a blog post. Can you comment on Brazil? Where do you see Brazil 10 years from now? – James, United States Brazil is a key producer and exporter of commodities. Strong commodity prices associated with a solid domestic demand for goods and services have been key drivers of itsContinue reading “Where do you see Brazil in 10 years?”

French multinational Louis Dreyfus to expand business in Brazil

Known for the size of its business in orange juice, grains, and more recently in sugar and alcohol, the French multinational Louis Dreyfus Commodities has decided to incorporate Brazil to its global platform marketing of rice, says Jornal Valor. Starting this year, the company, which grossed U.S. $ 7.3 billion in 2009, will start theContinue reading “French multinational Louis Dreyfus to expand business in Brazil”

Brazil has what China wants…

A money manager in Brazil once said to me, “Brazil has what China wants and is willing to sell it.” How much does this summarize the growth of the commodity sector in Brazil? Condemned to prosperity Nov 12th 2009 From The Economist print edition Brazil has learned to love its commodity sector NOT many countriesContinue reading “Brazil has what China wants…”