The World Cup and the Brazil brand

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil comes¬†with great expectation. Will it help Brazil improve its country brand? Will it enhance the perception of the country internationally?¬† We are curious to know what the impact will be. Aren’t you? Answer the poll and let’s check the trend at Brazil Global. If you have anything else toContinue reading “The World Cup and the Brazil brand”

Where do you see Brazil in 10 years?

Mark Mobius answers this question in a blog post. Can you comment on Brazil? Where do you see Brazil 10 years from now? – James, United States Brazil is a key producer and exporter of commodities. Strong commodity prices associated with a solid domestic demand for goods and services have been key drivers of itsContinue reading “Where do you see Brazil in 10 years?”

Brazil on the PBS Newshour

Here in the United States, the Newshour (previously the McNeil/ Lehrer Newshour) is a very well respected news source because it is a public television (and therefore more objective and less commercial) source of information. There is a series on Brazil running next week, with the first report today. The link is below. The correspondentContinue reading “Brazil on the PBS Newshour”