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Google declares Brazilians World’s Best Soccer Fans

Google declares Brazilians world’s best soccer fans based on hard data. On June 15, as Brazil played its first game against North Korea, the volume of queries from Brazil, shown using a red line, plummeted when the match began, spiked … Continue reading

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Brazil on the PBS Newshour

Here in the United States, the Newshour (previously the McNeil/ Lehrer Newshour) is a very well respected news source because it is a public television (and therefore more objective and less commercial) source of information. There is a series on … Continue reading

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There is nothing like a World Cup (in Brazil)

Where is the best place to watch the World Cup? In Brazil, you may be sure..  There is nothing like it. The cheering, the humor, the samba after a victory… Understanding why Brazil “stops” during the World Cup is understanding … Continue reading

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