Languages Supermarket

Mediate between people from different cultures speaking different languages is like walking on broken glass. Hence, there is no need to look for other situation for a rush of adrenalin. It is a risky work, no matter how good the interpreter is. Although it is easily understandable, there is an increasing demand for inexpensive mediation. In the ageContinue reading “Languages Supermarket”

The invention of tropical landscaping: Burle Marx

The emerging economy we refer to as  “Brazil”  is also a country discovering its pride and values. Culture has an important role in this. Culture forging values Evolving from colonial roots, when everything that was good was imported,  Brazil has slowly built its own cultural references. Music wise, there is samba, choro and bossa nova,Continue reading “The invention of tropical landscaping: Burle Marx”

Brazilian studios want to compete with Dreamworks and Pixar

With an eye in the global market for animation, which exceeds U.S. $ 128 billion annually, Brazilian producers and studios are starting to prepare their internationalization. A success case The animation Rio topped the weekend box office of Pixar classics like Toy Story and A Bug’s Life , according to figures from Box Office Mojo . Most watched film in the United States inContinue reading “Brazilian studios want to compete with Dreamworks and Pixar”

The Brazilian optimism, a unique feature! (Or: How a Frenchman fell for Brazil)

Brazil holds an exotic and mysterious image for foreigners. Tourism is becoming an important economic activity. In 2008, 5,2 millions of tourist visited Brazil, a record in the subcontinent: Yet for many, the country still remains locked in its stereotype.  Images of tropical beauty, soccer and music, along with the recent economic rise are all very positiveContinue reading “The Brazilian optimism, a unique feature! (Or: How a Frenchman fell for Brazil)”