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The Brazilian optimism, a unique feature! (Or: How a Frenchman fell for Brazil)

Brazil holds an exotic and mysterious image for foreigners. Tourism is becoming an important economic activity. In 2008, 5,2 millions of tourist visited Brazil, a record in the subcontinent: http://www.americas-fr.com/tourisme/actualite/le-bresil-seduit-les-touristes-1635.html. Yet for many, the country still remains locked in its stereotype.  Images of … Continue reading

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Contemporary Brazilian choreographer making an impact at Edinburgh festival

This year’s Edinburgh festival experiences the Brazilian rhythm.  Grupo Corpo combines the sensual elements of Brazilian dance with cutting-edge contemporary dance.The La Guardian critic said that  Grupo Corpo was “the hot ticket at the festival last weekend. .. Grafting ballet on to myriad Latin … Continue reading

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Multi-Speed Recovery

A very interesting blog post from a good economics blog, Zero Hedge. Although contemporaneous estimates of output gaps are somewhat elusive, the broad picture is clear: a growing portion of the global economy is facing inflation risks and the bulk … Continue reading

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