Rio+20 flashes

The Rio Earth Summit of 1992 was a landmark in Latin America in terms of institutional changes towards sustainability goals. For now, we don’t know much on what impact will have Rio+20 in the debate. But we can try to interpret the headlines. Here is my take. World leaders – not present Absences of Obama (US),Continue reading “Rio+20 flashes”

Rio+20 should create “new GDP”?

A study released by UNEP, the United Nations Environment recommends that  Rio +20 should find a new indicator for the welfare of nations other than the Gross Domestic Product, GDP. Rio+20 is the UN conference on sustainable development to be held in June 2012. The study brought together 20 winners of the Blue Planet Prize, known as theContinue reading “Rio+20 should create “new GDP”?”

The invention of tropical landscaping: Burle Marx

The emerging economy we refer to as  “Brazil”  is also a country discovering its pride and values. Culture has an important role in this. Culture forging values Evolving from colonial roots, when everything that was good was imported,  Brazil has slowly built its own cultural references. Music wise, there is samba, choro and bossa nova,Continue reading “The invention of tropical landscaping: Burle Marx”

Is Brazil a leader in energy matters?

International personalities attending the 2nd World Forum on Sustainability, in Manaus Amazon reinforced the role of Brazil in as a clean energy producer. If Brazil plays it well, leadership in environmental issues may be a huge business opportunity. What did they say On the last day of the event, Bill Clinton, former U.S. President, scribed a leadership role to Brazil inContinue reading “Is Brazil a leader in energy matters?”

Brazil’s Global Warming Agenda | World Resources Institute

Brazil has turned its international climate commitments into national law, but that’s only the beginning. Since Copenhagen, over fifty countries have pledged greenhouse gas reduction targets to the UNFCCC. Brazil has gone a step further and turned its commitment into national law… Brazil’s Global Warming Agenda | World Resources Institute My point of view: Municipal policiesContinue reading “Brazil’s Global Warming Agenda | World Resources Institute”