Rio+20 flashes

The Rio Earth Summit of 1992 was a landmark in Latin America in terms of institutional changes towards sustainability goals. For now, we don’t know much on what impact will have Rio+20 in the debate. But we can try to interpret the headlines. Here is my take. World leaders – not present Absences of Obama (US),Continue reading “Rio+20 flashes”

Brazil and Peacekeeping: Policy Not Altruism

The Economist covers Brazil’s military/ police competence in peace-keeping, which is virtually identical to the counterinsurgency (COIN) as practiced by American Marines in Iraq and Afganistan – a parallel which should be noted if Brazil and American interests align in Latin America or Africa, where Brazilian cultural strengths (official census documents note 130 ethnic shades)Continue reading “Brazil and Peacekeeping: Policy Not Altruism”

An international Brazilian company is born: Tereos International

An energy and food giant is emerging in Brazil. It is an interesting strategic move of the French company Tereos. The deal represents the merger of its subsidiaries in Brazil, France and Indian Ocean. The new company will be traded in Sao Paulo and Paris. Total assets surpass 1 billion euros.