Thoughts on the D Day celebrations and Portinari’s War and Peace at the Grand Palais

Brazilians didn’t have¬†much to do with the Second World War but here in Paris it is hard to forget the date. Celebrations are extensive. Tv and local newspapers have a huge coverage of the event and of course, the odd thing: in the midst of conflicts in Ukraine, Obama and Putin are in town atContinue reading “Thoughts on the D Day celebrations and Portinari’s War and Peace at the Grand Palais”

Rio+20 flashes

The Rio Earth Summit of 1992 was a landmark in Latin America in terms of institutional changes towards¬†sustainability goals. For now, we don’t know much on what impact will have Rio+20 in the debate. But we can try to interpret the headlines. Here is my take. World leaders – not present Absences of Obama (US),Continue reading “Rio+20 flashes”

Brazil as a mediator or swing vote in security issues

This article asks whether Brazil will increasingly become a mediator or swing vote in important security issues like nuclear non proliferation because of its increasing economic clout, among other reasons. The future of non-proliferation An awkward guest-list Apr 29th 2010 From The Economist print edition The United States cannot count on a warm response, evenContinue reading “Brazil as a mediator or swing vote in security issues”

Current Status of BRICs

This article in The Economist was published at the same time as the 2nd meeting of the BRIC nations in Brasilia. The article raises an interesting question of how cohesive the BRIC nations are beyond the original economic categorization. The BRICs The trillion-dollar club Brazil, Russia, India and China matter individually. But does it makeContinue reading “Current Status of BRICs”