World to halt investments in Brazil? Not Marriott.

Just came across this piece saying that Marriott will keep its plans to invest in Brazil despite the economic situation and political uncertainties. Worth debating.. Why Marriott Still Plans Expansion in Brazil, Regardless of Economic Woes A Marriott VP of development explains why a struggling economy won’t put the brakes on Marriott’s plan to expandContinue reading “World to halt investments in Brazil? Not Marriott.”

Latin America is focus of event in Vienna upcoming May (I will be there)

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber is hosting the first international business forum “Latin America meets Central and Eastern Europa in Vienna” . The event’s motto is “Bridging the two worlds through trade and investment” and it will be held in Vienna from 14th to 18th May 2012. The program will include presentations and discussions on the economies and mostContinue reading “Latin America is focus of event in Vienna upcoming May (I will be there)”

Languages Supermarket

Mediate between people from different cultures speaking different languages is like walking on broken glass. Hence, there is no need to look for other situation for a rush of adrenalin. It is a risky work, no matter how good the interpreter is. Although it is easily understandable, there is an increasing demand for inexpensive mediation. In the ageContinue reading “Languages Supermarket”

New players on the game of medical technology in Brazil

  They are Venrock Capital, one of the largest American venture capital firms (Rockefeller family founded brand) and Advance Medical Inc. Venrock recently founded and led a $6 million Series A funding for Advance Medical Inc., a company whose sole mission is to commercialize medical technology in Brazil, says the Wall Street Journal.  Advance Medical will offer servicesContinue reading “New players on the game of medical technology in Brazil”