IBM’s new research lab is in Brazil

It is true that IBM has been in Brazil for 93 years. But now,  the American company launches its first lab in 12 years in the country. The mission of the Brazilian IBM lab is to develop technology systems around natural resource development –  namely petroleum and gas –  and large-scale events such as the Olympics.Continue reading “IBM’s new research lab is in Brazil”

Cracking Brazil | Magazine Features | Building

British companies perspective on doing business in Brazil. Good summary of pros and challanges. Cracking Brazil | Magazine Features | Building.

Take away from Roberto Setubal’s conference in Sao Paulo

Roberto Setubal, president and CEO of Brazilian bank Itaú Unibanco, gave a conference at the “2010 Latin American Cities Conference: São Paulo,” that this sixth edition has the theme “Brazil is the Future.” Strengthen the capital markets. According Setubal, it is necessary to strengthen the capital market, which gets to be attractive to foreign investment,Continue reading “Take away from Roberto Setubal’s conference in Sao Paulo”

Lacoste makes Brazil a priority

The expansion of the fashion industry is a good sign of the change in the profile of the Brazilian consumer. Wealthier, this consumer can now afford the international brands. Lacoste.  The French fashion label targets to double its activities in Brazil by 2012. Lacoste plans to grow between 30% and 35% this year in Brazil –Continue reading “Lacoste makes Brazil a priority”

What can investors take away from last week’s BRIC Summit?

Size matters. Brazil, Russia, India and China are the world’s four largest emerging economies, as together they represent 40 percent of the world’s population and 20% of the world’s GDP. “As their economies grow, so does their political clout.”  If BRIC countries aim to be the voice of the developing world, it is inevitable thatContinue reading “What can investors take away from last week’s BRIC Summit?”