The New Global Challengers by BCG

The latest Boston Consulting Group report on globalization identifies 100 companies that are shaking up the established economy. These are companies based in rapidly developing countries. BCG calls them the global challengers. “A group of companies from rapidly developing economies has begun to leapfrog past established multinationals in global industry rankings.” Brazil has 13 companies in theContinue reading “The New Global Challengers by BCG”

Could Portugal be a gateway to Europe for Brazilian companies?

Jokes apart, Brazil and Portugal have a lot in common. Same language, and a cultural heritage are key elements in construction a business relationship.  Portugal could play a strategic part in the expansion of Brazilian companies, specially in Europe. Portuguese Prime Minister visits Brazil In a recent interview in Sao Paulo, the Portuguese Prime Minister JoseContinue reading “Could Portugal be a gateway to Europe for Brazilian companies?”

Cracking Brazil | Magazine Features | Building

British companies perspective on doing business in Brazil. Good summary of pros and challanges. Cracking Brazil | Magazine Features | Building.

Is Africa the new frontier? How Brazil and China are approaching this continent?

The Brazilian Centre for International Relations (CEBRI) will host a seminar on June 9th to debate how Brazil and China are  in Africa. The seminar will take place in Brasilia and is sponsored by BNDES, the Brazilian Federal Governement and the private company Oderbrecht. If you are interested, contact: with  your name, position, companyContinue reading “Is Africa the new frontier? How Brazil and China are approaching this continent?”