The “Award culture” is getting into the tropics

Behind the good performance of the Brazilian economy there are companies and institutions .. and people! On my last trip to São Paulo, I attended the Abrasca Value Awards, in Portuguese Premio Abrasca de Criação de Valor. Companies awarded for value return, sustainability and social practices. The “Award culture” is starting to get into the tropics.  It isContinue reading “The “Award culture” is getting into the tropics”

How You Can Invest In the Hotest Latin American Country

Last October 19, the Brazilian government imposed taxes on foreign purchases of the country’s stocks and bonds. The government levied the taxes to slow down the colossal run on the Brazilian real, which had appreciated by more than 26% during the 10 months prior. At that time, we recommended looking at Mexico, rather than Brazil,Continue reading “How You Can Invest In the Hotest Latin American Country”

Could Portugal be a gateway to Europe for Brazilian companies?

Jokes apart, Brazil and Portugal have a lot in common. Same language, and a cultural heritage are key elements in construction a business relationship.  Portugal could play a strategic part in the expansion of Brazilian companies, specially in Europe. Portuguese Prime Minister visits Brazil In a recent interview in Sao Paulo, the Portuguese Prime Minister JoseContinue reading “Could Portugal be a gateway to Europe for Brazilian companies?”