How expensive are products made in Brazil?

Brazilian products are on average 34.2% more expensive than a similar product made somewhere else. What are the reasons? The Brazil cost, followed by the appreciation of the Brazilian Real, explain the economic stagnation the country is facing. Those are the findings of a recent study prepared by the Federation of Industries of the StateContinue reading “How expensive are products made in Brazil?”

Meeting the Danish minister of foreign affairs in Sao Paulo

Last Wednesday afternoon, I was walking down street Oscar Freire, Sao Paulo’s Champs Elysee, when I saw 2 police cars and 6 body guards in front of Nike Store. I couldn’t stop my curious mind, I had to find out what was going on. My first guess was that the place had been robbed. TheContinue reading “Meeting the Danish minister of foreign affairs in Sao Paulo”

Could Portugal be a gateway to Europe for Brazilian companies?

Jokes apart, Brazil and Portugal have a lot in common. Same language, and a cultural heritage are key elements in construction a business relationship.  Portugal could play a strategic part in the expansion of Brazilian companies, specially in Europe. Portuguese Prime Minister visits Brazil In a recent interview in Sao Paulo, the Portuguese Prime Minister JoseContinue reading “Could Portugal be a gateway to Europe for Brazilian companies?”