Brazilian biggest companies in the Forbes list

Forbes list of the world’s biggest companies uses an equal weighting of sales, profits, assets and market value to rank companies according to size. 33 Brazilian companies are in the ranking. Energy makes number one among them with Petrobras (oil, gas and ethanol). Another interesting highlight is the leading presence of banks: Itau (and Itausa, itsContinue reading “Brazilian biggest companies in the Forbes list”

Take away from Roberto Setubal’s conference in Sao Paulo

Roberto Setubal, president and CEO of Brazilian bank Itaú Unibanco, gave a conference at the “2010 Latin American Cities Conference: São Paulo,” that this sixth edition has the theme “Brazil is the Future.” Strengthen the capital markets. According Setubal, it is necessary to strengthen the capital market, which gets to be attractive to foreign investment,Continue reading “Take away from Roberto Setubal’s conference in Sao Paulo”

Emerging Markets Banks #2. Riding the rise of a credit culture?

Emerging markets banks have doubled since 2005. They are relevant in the industry profit and revenue wise. The rise of a credit culture might explain this trend. Nevertheless, these banks are still not quite known by the rich-world investors. Is this an opportunity for further growth? The bigger and bigger picture May 13th 2010 FromContinue reading “Emerging Markets Banks #2. Riding the rise of a credit culture?”

Brazilians and Americans to discuss business in São Paulo, May 18th

Business leaders from Brazil and the United States will debate  the future of  Brazil at the annual  conference promoted by the Council of the Americas. The conference “Brazil is the future” will take place on May 18th, in Sao Paulo. Why? As one of the emerging world powers, Brazil has gained more political and economicContinue reading “Brazilians and Americans to discuss business in São Paulo, May 18th”

Brazil versus Mexico – inflation-wise

Mexico and Brazil, the two largest economies in Latin America, might look quite similar to foreign eyes. In fact, they couldn’t be more different. Take inflation behavior in the first quarter of 2010.  Inflation expectations worsened in Mexico as they did in Brazil.  Mexicans are dealing with around 6,5% versus a target of 4,5% inContinue reading “Brazil versus Mexico – inflation-wise”