Ethanol fuel: a Brazilian distinguishing feature between hope and contradiction 1/2

Part one. Brazilian economical and energetic development are everyday more impressive. Today this big country is the second biggest Ethanol fuel producer in the world. This fuel is a derivative from sugar cane. 36 years ago, Brazil started a brand new energetic policy with the Pro Alcool program in 1975. At launch time, this programContinue reading “Ethanol fuel: a Brazilian distinguishing feature between hope and contradiction 1/2”

Brazilian Sugar and Ethanol, at a glance

Sugar cane Brazilian ethanol industry has been a target for acquisition for some time and will probably continue to do so. Studies on the industry and its local peculiarities will help the international investor. This PwC article was published recently and offers a good ensemble of the topic. What investors don’t know is that The sector’sContinue reading “Brazilian Sugar and Ethanol, at a glance”

Shell + Cosan = Raizen

  Energy giant  Royal Dutch Shell and Cosan, the largest ethanol producer, are now united under the brand Raizen. In January the European Commission gave its blessing to the deal. The company starts with assets of $ 20 billion and estimated revenue of $ 50 million. A cabalistic name Raizen  the junction of the Portuguese words forContinue reading “Shell + Cosan = Raizen”

Brazil 2010 M&A hits new record

Brazil is increasingly a participant in the mergers and acquisitions market. Along with China, the Latin American country led the emerging world to account for one-third of the global industry. According to a survey by Thomson Reuters, in 2010, 693 transactions were announced, an annual growth of 37,5%. Size of the market jumped to U.SContinue reading “Brazil 2010 M&A hits new record”

European commission approves Shell – Cosan joint venture | Valor Online

SAO PAULO – The European Commission gave the green light for the creation of a joint venture between Anglo-Dutch Shell and Brazil’s Cosan focused on the production, distribution and sale of sugar, ethanol and related products, according to a statement issued on Tuesday. After examining the operation, the commission concluded that “the transaction will not significantly impedes effective competition in the European Economic Area or a substantial part of it. ” The agency noted that the activities of the joint venture will involve the production,sale and marketing of sugar and ethanol in Brazil and abroad, development and licensing of certain technologies; including ethanol supply, distribution and sale of transportation fuels in Brazil and the production and sale of energy cogeneration facilities of ethanolContinue reading “European commission approves Shell – Cosan joint venture | Valor Online”