Rio is the most expensive city in the Americas

Rio de Janeiro ranked 28th among the most expensive cities for foreigners in 2010. In 2009, Rio was ranked 132th in the same study. Quite a change. The study was conducted by ECA INTERNATIONAL, a  British consulting company. All other cities in the Americas  were considered cheaper than Rio. That includes New York City. Furthermore, Rio’s position could haveContinue reading “Rio is the most expensive city in the Americas”

Generalizations about Brazilian attitudes towards money

Since reading this piece, I have wondered whether these generalizations about the Brazilian attitude towards money are true? Brazil’s oil policy Preparing to spend a “millionaire ticket” from offshore Sep 3rd 2009 | SÃO PAULO From The Economist print edition The government has unveiled plans to give the state the lion’s share of the moneyContinue reading “Generalizations about Brazilian attitudes towards money”