India, a contrast with Brazil

The excellent Schumpeter column in The Economist covers the Indian model of innovation, which contrasts with the Brazilian model according to a column on Brazil just weeks later. “Companies in India are challenging American ones in an area that they have long considered their own—innovation. The Boston Consulting Group’s 2010 survey of innovation notes thatContinue reading “India, a contrast with Brazil”

BRICs: Trillon Dollar Club

In an excellent piece with a very useful graphic, The Economist contrasts and compares the BRICs according to several categories, pointing out that the four countries are far from homogenous. “The BRICs have also stepped up competition between one another in third countries. Although the flow of aid and investment from rich countries to poorContinue reading “BRICs: Trillon Dollar Club”

Africa yo te estoy llamando a ti – Africa eclipsing BRICs in Growth?

Ella baila la portugueza Estoy llamando a todas las morenas Y las llamada la viene da la luz Con calma se baila esta danza Y con amor canto yo esta cancion Africa bamba ase a un lado a la tristeza Y otra mas dulce no la podras encontrar – Santana, Africa Bamba The Economist notesContinue reading “Africa yo te estoy llamando a ti – Africa eclipsing BRICs in Growth?”