Will Brazilian economy be contaminated by the turbulent scene in Europe?

Brazilian equities are down 11% in 2010, but in the opinion of Regina Nunes, president of – Standard & Poor’s Brazil, the Brazilian economy has grounds to avoid being contaminated by the turbulent scene in Europe, affected by the current economic crisis in Greece. The only way  the Brazilian economy could  be contaminated would be the advent of a global financial crisis, triggered the current turbulent environment in the euro area. “That has not actually happened yet.” She recalls that at the moment, Brazil’s rating is BBB minus, which indicates stability.

On the political scene, the executive argued for a greater attention to microeconomics and a decrease in conducting counter-cyclical policies to boost the Brazilian economy. She participated in the seminar in Rio, 40 years of Apimec.

Published by Hildete Vodopives

Hildete de Moraes Vodopives is founder of Brazil Global and of the Harvard Strategists Group. She has a PhD in Economic History and advises companies and investment agencies in international business development.She served as Corporate Relations Director and later, on the board of the Brazilian Investment Analysts Association (APIMEC).

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