Festival of Brazilian documentaires in Paris

This poor Frenchman, divided between Paris and Rio de Janeiro wishes to share an event… Voilá a Brazilian Festival Made in Paris! From 13 to 19 June 2011, the association “Autres Brésils” presents the 7th edition of the ‘Brésil en mouvements” (Brazil in Movement), the main event dedicated to Brazilian social documentary in Europe. The festival is characterized by seven days of screenings, discussions and meetings about documentary films to strengthen ties between France and Brazil. What is on the agenda: •14 juin : Changement climatique : défis et alternatives (Climat change: challengesContinue reading “Festival of Brazilian documentaires in Paris”

France wants Brazil support for Lafarge nomination in IMF

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is in Brazil today as part of an effort to broaden support in developing countries for her candidacy to head the International Monetary Fund. Brazil was the first emerging- market country to invite her after she announced her candidacy. She also plans to visit China, India and countries in Africa and the Middle East,Continue reading “France wants Brazil support for Lafarge nomination in IMF”

The Brazilian optimism, a unique feature! (Or: How a Frenchman fell for Brazil)

Brazil holds an exotic and mysterious image for foreigners. Tourism is becoming an important economic activity. In 2008, 5,2 millions of tourist visited Brazil, a record in the subcontinent: http://www.americas-fr.com/tourisme/actualite/le-bresil-seduit-les-touristes-1635.html. Yet for many, the country still remains locked in its stereotype.  Images of tropical beauty, soccer and music, along with the recent economic rise are all very positiveContinue reading “The Brazilian optimism, a unique feature! (Or: How a Frenchman fell for Brazil)”

French newspaper Libération and the queen of Brazil

French newspaper Libération could be described as an icon of leftist thinkers. Maybe that will explain its bias headline toward a “leftist” party. Two days before the second round that will choose the next president of Brazil, I was surprised to read on its front page: “Dilma Rousseff, almost queen of Brazil”. The Libération alsoContinue reading “French newspaper Libération and the queen of Brazil”

Spain’s Natraceutical in Brazil expansion deal

MADRID, Oct 7 (Reuters) – Spanish food group Natraceutical (NATE.MC) said on Thursday it had made a deal with Brazil’s Bio Group to develop its Forte Pharma food supplements brand in that country, an agreement which may allow parent Natra to cut debt. Natra, with market capitalisation of 96.38 million euros ($131.6 million), has anContinue reading “Spain’s Natraceutical in Brazil expansion deal”