Spain’s Natraceutical in Brazil expansion deal

MADRID, Oct 7 (Reuters) – Spanish food group Natraceutical (NATE.MC) said on Thursday it had made a deal with Brazil’s Bio Group to develop its Forte Pharma food supplements brand in that country, an agreement which may allow parent Natra to cut debt. Natra, with market capitalisation of 96.38 million euros ($131.6 million), has anContinue reading “Spain’s Natraceutical in Brazil expansion deal”

More M&A in Petrobras plans

REUTERS./REVISTA EXAME Rio de Janeiro-The president of Petrobras, Jose Sergio Gabrielli, said this Monday that the company should increase in ethanol production through acquisitions. “We had a different strategy before. Now we have changed. Our strategy was through greenfield (new plants). Today we intend to grow our production mainly through acquisitions, “Gabrielli said in anContinue reading “More M&A in Petrobras plans”

U.S. Bean Farmers Seek Brazil Farmland Deals

Kansas City, June 16 – In a small-town spin on a global agricultural investment trend, a group of U.S. Midwest soybean farmers has issued a private placement this month to raise capital for farmland acquisitions in Brazil. The group, called South American Soy LLC, is seeking to raise close to $1 million to expand onContinue reading “U.S. Bean Farmers Seek Brazil Farmland Deals”

Flexible economic institutions

Has Brazil created flexible and creative structures to deal with volatile economic cycles? Survival of the quickest Nov 12th 2009 From The Economist print edition Frequent crises have made for strong banks and nimble financiers BRAZILIAN businessmen often say that the country’s recent economic past has strengthened companies, and especially banks. The argument goes likeContinue reading “Flexible economic institutions”

Companies say they must be in Brazil

(Reuters) – Multinationals seeking advice on entering Latin America’s largest economy are telling global business consultants Bain & Company that “they have to be in Brazil,” partner Pedro Cordeiro said on Thursday. Speaking at the Latin American Investment Summit from the Sao Paulo office of Reuters, Cordeiro said that not only oil majors were keenContinue reading “Companies say they must be in Brazil”