QE2 Boosts Cross-Border M&A Deals | Global Finance

Brazil in evidence among cross borders deals in October. In other cross-border M&A deals announced in October, China Petroleum & Chemical (Sinopec) agreed to pay $7.1 billion to acquire a 40% stake in Repsol YPF Brasil, and the Qatar Investment Authority acquired $2.7 billion of bonds convertible into a 5% stake in Banco Santander Brasil.Continue reading “QE2 Boosts Cross-Border M&A Deals | Global Finance”

Policing in Rio impacts Economics ahead of Olympic Preparation

A traveler in Rio sees two police with AR-15 rifles at the entrance to a favela midway between Copacobana and Ipanema, less than a football field from the finest beaches in the world. Yards away, more police stand watch, while up the curving road, street vendors hawk roasted chicken on a stick. The scene isContinue reading “Policing in Rio impacts Economics ahead of Olympic Preparation”

Flexible economic institutions

Has Brazil created flexible and creative structures to deal with volatile economic cycles? Survival of the quickest Nov 12th 2009 From The Economist print edition Frequent crises have made for strong banks and nimble financiers BRAZILIAN businessmen often say that the country‚Äôs recent economic past has strengthened companies, and especially banks. The argument goes likeContinue reading “Flexible economic institutions”

Brazilian banks go shopping around the world

Banks have suffered everywhere with the financial crisis. Well, not everywhere. Brazilian banks have cash and appetite for seizing opportunities in other countries. This is a shift of trends. Not so long ago Brazilian banks were being bought by international institutions. Last week Banco do Brasil announced its move in Argentina. Yesterday, in an interviewContinue reading “Brazilian banks go shopping around the world”