Brazilian IPOs 2011: What investment bankers are forecasting

Great expectations surround Brazilian IPOs in 2011. After a 10% rise last year, investment bankers are forecasting a more mature and busy year for IPOs in Brazil. We collected two significant points of view from the Brazilian market: ITAU BBA and Banco Pactual. 2010 was 10% up In 2010, 11 Brazilian companies conducted IPOs andContinue reading “Brazilian IPOs 2011: What investment bankers are forecasting”

Brazilian banks go shopping around the world

Banks have suffered everywhere with the financial crisis. Well, not everywhere. Brazilian banks have cash and appetite for seizing opportunities in other countries. This is a shift of trends. Not so long ago Brazilian banks were being bought by international institutions. Last week Banco do Brasil announced its move in Argentina. Yesterday, in an interviewContinue reading “Brazilian banks go shopping around the world”