South Africa’s AECI announces investment plan in Brazil

South Africa’s AECI is looking to spend up to 1 billion rand ($148 million) on acquisitions of chemical companies in Brazil. AECI is a maker of industrials chemicals and explosives for  the mining and manufacturing sectors. The Group has completed a 2 billion rand strategic capital investment programme to enhance its future growth in theseContinue reading “South Africa’s AECI announces investment plan in Brazil”

Time to cool down? Is Brazilian economy overheated?

One starts to wonder if it Brazilian economy is overheated. The Economist for one, came with an article – Too Hot  (2/6/11)  Latin America’s biggest economy is more fragile than it appears. The Economist point is mainly this: the Brazilian government has a big head and risks not doing a good job implementing reforms that are needed. On that,Continue reading “Time to cool down? Is Brazilian economy overheated?”

Brazilians discover art investment

Brazilians are getting more sophisticated in asset allocation. Different alternative investments raise as a novelty and art investment may be the intangible of intangibles .. but why not add it to the list? I love art and the idea of combining it with investment sounds good to me but I am learning about it and I’d like to shareContinue reading “Brazilians discover art investment”

Another fund to invest in Brazil. This time it is Allianz’s

Allianz Group, one of the leading global services providers in insurance and asset management, announced a new fund  to be invested in its majority towards Brazil, and nearly one third of the fund may be invested in other Latin American and international companies, provided they generate a significant proportion of their sales and earnings in Brazil. TheContinue reading “Another fund to invest in Brazil. This time it is Allianz’s”

Global Policymakers to Attend Conference of Montreal – June 7 to 10, 2010

16th edition of the International Economic Forum of the Americas – The 2010 Conference of Montreal –  to include International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and White House Officials. Themed “Innovating to Succeed in a New Global Market,” the Forum will bring together the world’s leading policymakers and other stakeholders to address issues currently facing the environment,Continue reading “Global Policymakers to Attend Conference of Montreal – June 7 to 10, 2010”