Another fund to invest in Brazil. This time it is Allianz’s

Allianz Group, one of the leading global services providers in insurance and asset management, announced a new fund  to be invested in its majority towards Brazil, and nearly one third of the fund may be invested in other Latin American and international companies, provided they generate a significant proportion of their sales and earnings in Brazil. TheContinue reading “Another fund to invest in Brazil. This time it is Allianz’s”

Bradesco launches new fund in Japan

Billionaire Japanese market appears to be a very promising field for the resource managers in Brazil. The latest move is the Bradesco Asset Management (Bram), which launches this week a portfolio of Brazilian equities smaller (small caps) for the Japanese retail.  The idea is to capitalize on the success of the other two funds launched inContinue reading “Bradesco launches new fund in Japan”

You were looking for a vehicle to invest in Brazil?

JP Morgan launches a closed-end fund focuses in Brazil. This is the first London-listed vehicle to focus solely on Brazil. In fact, Brazil is the last BRIC to have his dedicated fund. Over the past 17 years, the same stable has launched dedicated funds invested in China, India and Russia. “The specific attraction of JPContinue reading “You were looking for a vehicle to invest in Brazil?”