Brazilian Industrias Romi acquires 3rd factory in Italy

Industrias Romi SA, leader in machinery and equipment, announced the acquisition of Italian  company Fertigungssysteme Burkhardt + Weber GmbH for  20.5 million euros. This will be Romi’s third factory in Italy. “This acquisition will complement the business of the Romi machine tool division, which accounts for about 65% of our revenue,” said to Jornal Valor,  LivaldoContinue reading “Brazilian Industrias Romi acquires 3rd factory in Italy”

High quality (cheap) cotton? Brazilian fashion prefer Peru to China

Brazilian brands such as VR Menswear, Ellus, TNG and Richards are following a path already trodden by international brands like Armani, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren: outsourcing from Peru. Mercosur: import tax waiver Brazilians are benefiting from a Mercosur free trade agreement which waives import taxes from Peruvian textile goods. Same merchandise from China is taxed 35%. According to Jornal Valor, in 2009,Continue reading “High quality (cheap) cotton? Brazilian fashion prefer Peru to China”

Eike Batista announces OGX listing in London as part of the internationalization plan of his companies

After the launch of its New York office as part of a plan of internationalization, EBX announces the listing in London of OGX, the oil company of the group. Eike Batista, chairman of the group said to Jornal Valor that OGX is only the beginning of the process. “Let’s start with OGX, but let’s do this withContinue reading “Eike Batista announces OGX listing in London as part of the internationalization plan of his companies”

Bradesco launches new fund in Japan

Billionaire Japanese market appears to be a very promising field for the resource managers in Brazil. The latest move is the Bradesco Asset Management (Bram), which launches this week a portfolio of Brazilian equities smaller (small caps) for the Japanese retail.  The idea is to capitalize on the success of the other two funds launched inContinue reading “Bradesco launches new fund in Japan”

BTG Pactual launches two private equity funds

BTG Pactual has been meeting investors in the Middle East to pitch two private equity funds.  One of the funds , called “Health”, would look for takeovers in the health industry, while the other, “Real Economy”,  could have $1 billion to invest in undisclosed sectors, Valor Economico newspaper reported on Friday. Andre Esteves BTG Pactual started inContinue reading “BTG Pactual launches two private equity funds”