Lula in Guinea Conakry to support Vale

Lula was in Conakry, capital of Guinea last Tuesday (22/02/2011). The charismatic and prestigious ex- Brazilian president came for a ceremony about the beginning of the works of Vale in Guinea. Vale, the largest Brazilian company and the largest exporter of iron ore in the world, is launching a project of 5 Billion Dollars inContinue reading “Lula in Guinea Conakry to support Vale”

BNDES needs greater transparency?

The Economist has a piece on BNDES, advocating greater transparency, and noting the influence of the organization. EIKE BATISTA, Brazil’s richest man, calls BNDES, the country’s state-owned development bank, “the best bank in the world”. But a former BNDES chairman, Luiz Carlos Mendonça de Barros, says it is a serpent’s egg—a reference to a filmContinue reading “BNDES needs greater transparency?”

Flexible economic institutions

Has Brazil created flexible and creative structures to deal with volatile economic cycles? Survival of the quickest Nov 12th 2009 From The Economist print edition Frequent crises have made for strong banks and nimble financiers BRAZILIAN businessmen often say that the country’s recent economic past has strengthened companies, and especially banks. The argument goes likeContinue reading “Flexible economic institutions”

Is Africa the new frontier? How Brazil and China are approaching this continent?

The Brazilian Centre for International Relations (CEBRI) will host a seminar on June 9th to debate how Brazil and China are  in Africa. The seminar will take place in Brasilia and is sponsored by BNDES, the Brazilian Federal Governement and the private company Oderbrecht. If you are interested, contact: with  your name, position, companyContinue reading “Is Africa the new frontier? How Brazil and China are approaching this continent?”

America and Brazilian parallels

Why is it that the gap between rich and poor is so wide in both Brazil and America? Does education, especially private, play a similar role in both countries? Two Americas Nov 12th 2009 From The Economist print edition Brazil and the United States have more in common than they seem to LIVING in Brazil,Continue reading “America and Brazilian parallels”