Thank You, Lula

I can disagree with many decisions taken by Lula’s administration. However, I stood up, strong clapped, and even shouted sounds of support, when I saw Lula stepping down from the power democratically. Even though by the end of his second term Lula had approval rates of about 75% (does anyone know how true these widelyContinue reading “Thank You, Lula”

“Brazil, the rising star” on CBS 60 minutes show

The American tv network CBS produced last December a special report about Brazil for the 60 minutes show. It is a fair Brazil 101 with interviews of Eike Batista, CEO of the holding EBX International and #1 fortune in the country and Lula, former president who was then in office. Batista says that Brazil is an importantContinue reading ““Brazil, the rising star” on CBS 60 minutes show”

Lula in Guinea Conakry to support Vale

Lula was in Conakry, capital of Guinea last Tuesday (22/02/2011). The charismatic and prestigious ex- Brazilian president came for a ceremony about the beginning of the works of Vale in Guinea. Vale, the largest Brazilian company and the largest exporter of iron ore in the world, is launching a project of 5 Billion Dollars inContinue reading “Lula in Guinea Conakry to support Vale”

BRIEFING: Brazil’s presidential election Lula’s legacy

In reviewing Lula’s tenure as President, The Economist gives a nice summary of the advancement and status of Brazil over the past several years. “Instead, Brazilians are revelling in a golden moment. A country that used to fall over whenever the world economy wobbled was one of the last to go into recession in 2008Continue reading “BRIEFING: Brazil’s presidential election Lula’s legacy”

Brazil’s presidential election The handover

The Economist’s coverage of the Brazilian Presidential election highlights concerns about Lula’s socialist past – concerns which were overcome, and which hopefully will be again with the new President. “THINK back eight years, when the prospect of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, leader of the left-wing Workers’ Party becoming president of Brazil, the world’s fourthContinue reading “Brazil’s presidential election The handover”