Brazil’s New President – Coming Down to Earth

Brazil’s New President – Coming Down to Earth For a variety of reasons outlined by The Economist, liquidity looks set to continue to flow towards Brazil. “She has said she wants real interest rates, currently higher than those in any other big economy, to fall from 5% to 2% by 2014. But inflation crept upContinue reading “Brazil’s New President – Coming Down to Earth”

Brazil’s presidential election The handover

The Economist’s coverage of the Brazilian Presidential election highlights concerns about Lula’s socialist past – concerns which were overcome, and which hopefully will be again with the new President. “THINK back eight years, when the prospect of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, leader of the left-wing Workers’ Party becoming president of Brazil, the world’s fourthContinue reading “Brazil’s presidential election The handover”

Take away from a Brazilian conference in Dakar

Last Monday,at the magnificent house of the Brazilian ambassador in Dakar, Maria Eliza Teófilo de Luna, I attended  a conference held in by ministers Gilberto Carvalho (Dilma’s minister and former Lula’s chief of staff), Luiza Helena de Barros (minister politics of promotion of racial equality), and Maria do Rosario (minister of human rights)  One of the main topics was the celebration ofContinue reading “Take away from a Brazilian conference in Dakar”

Brazil’s presidential election Second round, second thoughts?

The Economist’s endorsement of (eventual loser) Mr. Serra in the Presidential election highlights some issues worth watching in the new Rousseff administration. “Mr Serra also has faults, notably a worrying tendency to try to micromanage everything. But his record suggests that he would move faster to cut wasteful spending and eliminate the fiscal deficit, andContinue reading “Brazil’s presidential election Second round, second thoughts?”