Lula in Guinea Conakry to support Vale

Lula was in Conakry, capital of Guinea last Tuesday (22/02/2011). The charismatic and prestigious ex- Brazilian president came for a ceremony about the beginning of the works of Vale in Guinea. Vale, the largest Brazilian company and the largest exporter of iron ore in the world, is launching a project of 5 Billion Dollars inContinue reading “Lula in Guinea Conakry to support Vale”

Banco do Brasil expands in the US and Africa

Bank of Brazil announced  this week the purchase of a bank in Miami, USA and signing a joint venture with Portuguese bank Espirito Santo and Brazilian rival Bradesco. The acquisitions are part of the internationalization strategy of Brazil biggest public bank, , which includes Latin America, after the recent purchase of Banco Patagonia. In the US, targeting Brazilian High Net Wealth The institution being acquired in MiamiContinue reading “Banco do Brasil expands in the US and Africa”

Emerging market’s spending trends – the Credit Suisse consumer survey

Spending trends in emerging markets were the object of a survey recently conducted by the Credit Suisse Research Institute  in collaboration with global market research firm AC Nielsen. The survey explores the spending profiles of consumers within Brazil, Russia, India, China, Egypt, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Highlights about Brazil Brazilian consumers rank as the most optimistic:Continue reading “Emerging market’s spending trends – the Credit Suisse consumer survey”

Bradesco BBI to Boost Staff as Equity, Debt, M&A Rise – Bloomberg

Banco Bradesco BBI SA, Brazil’s third-largest debt underwriter, plans to increase staff by 20 percent next year as growth in Latin America’s largest economy fuels deals in capital markets and acquisitions. via Bradesco BBI to Boost Staff as Equity, Debt, M&A Rise – Bloomberg.

Brazil needs to be more innovative

Brazil needs to be more innovative: The excellent Schumpeter column drives home the point that not all BRICs are equal. “Can their country become an innovator in its own right, or is its recent growth little more than a by-product of China’s appetite for commodities?” “Yet Brazil suffers from two huge blocks to growth: redContinue reading “Brazil needs to be more innovative”