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Brazilian banks go shopping around the world

Banks have suffered everywhere with the financial crisis. Well, not everywhere. Brazilian banks have cash and appetite for seizing opportunities in other countries. This is a shift of trends. Not so long ago Brazilian banks were being bought by international … Continue reading

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Banks for sale: BANCO DO BRASIL acquires bank in Argentina

BANCO DO BRASIL officially announced the acquisition of the sixth largest bank in Argentina, Banco Patagonia. The $480 millions deal was sealed after four months of negotiations.  What does it mean in the strategy of the largest Brazilian bank? Should … Continue reading

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Investment in China. A slowdown may compromise Brazil outlook says JP Morgan

JP MORGAN held its annual Brazil Opportunities Conference on April 14 and 15.  I extracted the comments on the presentation made by analyst Adrian Mowat. He articulates causes of a possible slowdown in China and how this can affect Brazil in … Continue reading

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Trying to understand the BRICs. First question: Is China in a bubble?

A comparison among BRIC countries will have China in the podium in many aspects. It is the largest country with the fastest economic growth. But what is the quality of this growth? Many Brazilian companies have expanded to China. Vale, … Continue reading

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What can investors take away from last week’s BRIC Summit?

Size matters. Brazil, Russia, India and China are the world’s four largest emerging economies, as together they represent 40 percent of the world’s population and 20% of the world’s GDP. “As their economies grow, so does their political clout.”  If … Continue reading

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