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Chinese company Gigabyte to invest 30 million dollars in Brazil

Brazil is the country that will receive the third largest investment from Chinese manufacturer of motherboards, Gigabyte. Over the next three years, the company will ship 30 million dollars here, much more than the 10 million invested over the past … Continue reading

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More jobs, better wages. No wonder there is inflation on the doorstep

Good news on the Labor Market Report from IBGE in March. The survey covers  the six main metropolitan areas, and includes formal and informal jobs. Demand is higher of course as the economy in Brazil is expected to keep going up … Continue reading

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Brazilian economy is growing too fast. Expect new hike in interest rates. What effect on Brazilian housing industry?

To foreign eyes Brazilian real state is a catch. A population of almost 200 million and an historic housing deficit makes an interesting combination. Interest rates have always been the main contrain. And now, with the return of inflationary pressures, … Continue reading

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Will Tightening cause a multi-speed recovery?

This article raises an interesting question: If monetary tightening starts in the US, will the US stock market drop while emerging markets continue upwards in a “multi-speed” recovery? The outlook for the world economy Curb your enthusiasm Apr 22nd 2010 … Continue reading

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Ferguson, Complexity and Collapse

There may be very significant changes in long-standing power relationships which can occur quickly. Niall Ferguson, a Harvard Professor, addresses this issue in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs. He makes reference to a book, The Black Swan, by Nassim … Continue reading

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